Fresh Water Tank under and behind axle

BigALBigAL Posts: 5Member
just bought a mini max yesterday and hauled it home, over a 100mi.. When I got home I noticed that the screws holding the tank on one of the straps broke loose. :( (almost lost my tank)
After an inspection I saw that the screws seemed small for holding that weight and also the padding looked iffy. I decided to up grade the screws to a larger shank with better holding. I added rubber strapping instead of the foam weather stripping that had been used. Another issue was the drain valve was pointing forward and being real close to the tires I changed it to a plug so rocks or brush would not break it off. Also I am adding rubber mud flaps to the trailer to help keeping rocks from hitting the tank. What have you guys done on the under belly to beef it up for back country camping?


  • NomadeNomade Posts: 11Member
    Hi BigAl,
    Thanks for these info on the Fresh Water tank.
    I notice that as well and I just find out than , the tank is not stable in place because I notice than the tank moved inside the holding staps and made the Hold in the floor is now open, leaving open space for under need water to go in the trailer . I fill that space with Silicone caulking . I agreed, the tank must be better fixed to the trailer and I am going to do it.
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