How to remove drawer under Reefer

bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 20Member
I need to access the area where the Converter is under the drawer which is under the refrigerator install a MPPT Controller. How does that drawer get released ? I don't want to break the ball bearing channel on the slide mechanism. Does anyone know the secret to releasing this drawer?


  • TomDTomD Posts: 75Moderator mod
    Bobshroyer....what type of RV do you have? It would be helpful so others with your type of rig can offer suggestions. 
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 20Member
    I have a 2019 Little Guy Max Rough Rider. Sorry, I thought I had listed that somewhere.
  • BigALBigAL Posts: 5Member
    not having the same unit you have but most drawer glides when fully extended will have a lever that must be moved up or down depending on the right or left side. this lever is on the glide that is attached on the drawer. if not a lever then a button, hope this helps 
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 20Member
    OK will check. I did not see either but will look again. Thanks!
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 20Member
    Guys - I cannot find any mechanism at all on this large drawer underneath the Reefer in the Little Guy Max. I am afraid to just pull it out because I do not want the slide to get messed up. has anyone ever removed that drawer to get to the rear of the converter. I am takin it into a RV repair facility tomorrow to have them install a new MPPT solar controller and panels and I would feel much better if I knew how to tell them to remove the drawer. They may know how to do it and they may not. So any more tips on removing that drawer? Thanks
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 20Member
    The repair facility found a locking screw underneath the drawer and aid they could remove the drawer once the screw was removed.
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