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I know we discussed the mylar material that covers plywood but not the frame. While examining my metal frame on my 4yr old 5 Wide I found countless dings and their all rusted. I know there is no danger of it rusting away but I could tape and spray a under coating to the frame in no time . Any thoughts folks;    Gary


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    I sprayed the framing with a rust inhibitor before storing my SS in October.  The spray is clear, and fairly thick so it adheres well to the metal - made by Rust Check.  I've also used a tar undercoating (also in a spray can) that seems to work faily well - I sparyed the trailer hitch on my vehicle with it.

    I had an older tent trailer before buying my SS.  I would spray the frame as needed with black spray paint (Tremclad or similar) to keep the rust at bay.  The tent trailer was still in really good shape when I sold it.  You can also buy Tremclad in a can and paint it on.

    As my SS ages, I intend on also spraying it with Tremclad. 


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    This is a pretty amazing product.  When it's available I might think of spraying it on the undercarriage and on the platform of my 6-Wide Sport.  

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    It's available, pretty amazing... and expensive.
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    Gregorio, What's the name of the product;so I can google it. The video didn't work showing me the product.   Gary
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    It's Ultra-Ever Dry by Ultra Tech.
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    Glad we ordered those 55 Gallon drums of the stuff when we did!!! I figure if I spray myself down with this stuff, I'll never have to bathe again =))
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    And if you spray yourself with that stuff someone else might be doing the driving. 8-X

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