Needed Counter Space

These are the tables I built for my 5 X 10 Silver Shadow.  I needed extra work space and wanted to keep with the
streamlined look of the Little Guy.  These take seconds to set up and they store very easily.  They can both be set 
up either perpendicular or straight out from the trailer.  Campsites are all so different in what can fit so I needed options.  
I also use just one if I'm out for a day trip or if the tent is set up.  (It is possible this is the most expensive picnic basket ever)
The legs are adjustable (I could fine no simple solution so these are 6 different products combined to make a leg and the fitting 
they screw into).  The ground terrain is always different so they can adjust up to 10".  The legs are kept in compression clips on 
the back hatch.  Super handy but out of my way when unneeded.  The tables are narrow enough to stow in the floor of the galley 
for travel (they could of course go on the bed too).  A few feet of pipe insulation on the upper edge when traveling keeps them from 
bouncing around and scratching any surfaces.  The coolest part is the hatch can be closed when we button up for the night without 
having to break them down.  Here are some more photos:[email protected]/


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    Very nice.  I've also been looking to add more counter space for our 5x8 SS.  Where did you find the attachment rails that are on the side of the TD and table?


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    Thanks for the information - I'll check out the link.
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    Kyet, I noticed the Idaho plates on your LG.  Where in Idaho are you located?
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    Just left Boise and came to Washington DC.  I think it's a state requirement to go camping if you live in Idaho!  :)
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    It sure is!  I lived in Boise for about 24 years before moving to Spokane.  What a change you made moving to DC.  I was detailed to Washington DC for 6 months, working at L'Enfant Plaza.  It was great to be able to return to the Northwest. 
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    Very nice!   Clean looking set-up, keeps your kitchen and food prep area in close proximity to the trailer, meets your needs and is practical.  I like the paper toweling dispenser too and had one in my 4-wide.  It is improvements like this that keep things simple, but also allow people to quickly set up at the camp site and begin enjoying the adventure on a moment's notice and with minimal effort.  

    Thanks for taking the time to take photos and sharing this with everyone as it is very worthwhile!
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    Kyet, Awesome idea. Can I bother you for a parts breakdown like what or where did you get the tables from, the legs, and the brackets to stow them, etc. Thanks a million!
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    Kyet, I got's to put my two cents in;  how much sway is there with the single leg when your preparing food ? The Silver Shadow has that small counter; could a clip on 10" wide board ( extending width) work for someone that needs less space than you ?  Nice neat look.  Gary 
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    Thanks for the link. I've looked for these brackets with no luck. Very nicely done. Little Guy should be selling these tables. I also noticed your license plate mount. Did you see your license plate flying off in the rearview mirror while driving along the Skake River too? (New plate ordered and need to come up with a new bracket) Again, quality work.
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    I just noticed your plate also. How do you have it attached? Did you know you need to have a light over the plate in case you drive at night.

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    Sorry I have been so slow to respond to your comments.  I was getting my ducks in a row for knee surgery, which happened yesterday.  Of course I am already bored.  I would much rather be outdoors! 

    I will start with the tables first.  Really so very easy but I was going for particular look which didn't exist.  Not the table tops just the specific leg.  I wanted a round adjustable leg (the kind that needed no drilling or hardware to change the height). The idea seemed good at the onset but in the end I didn't trust these turn locks.  I imagined using a propane stove and having the leg slide down on itself.  Serious burns in the middle of nowhere didn't seem like a whole lot of fun.   

    The legs are heavy duty adjustable coat racks that one would hang in the backs of a car (from an auto parts store).  I cut off the ends with a pipe cutter, removed the rubber sleeves, and fitted a 1" double steel pipe thread in to one end (pipe wrench, rubber mallet, and epoxy).  Then added 1' rubber legs tips (from Home Depot).  Eventually I bit the bullet and drilled holes every 1/2"  (a drill press keeps the holes perfectly aligned) and added the lynch (lock) pin for my own piece of mind.  A 1" inch pipe flange (Home Depot plumbing dept) serves as the hardware for attaching the leg.  It only takes a couple of turns to be extremely tight.  The flange is also low profile to save space.  I store them with the table bottoms facing one another and don't need to worry about scratching the surfaces.

    I looked everywhere for these clips and found them behind a bunch of boxes in a totally random aisle at Ace Hardware.  I tried a bunch.  These are strong enough to hold the legs but flexible enough that I can pull one down with one hand and not fear tearing the clip off of the hatch.

    The tops are from an old butcher-block tabletop I had.  Cut it down to a length and width that would both fit into the galley on the floor with the legs in the storage clips and the hatch closed .  Again, I use pipe insulation on the tops so nothing gets damaged during travel.  I used a natural stain and then added 3 layers of polyurethane.  They are just fine in the rain.

    As for the stability of a single leg:  These things aren't going anywhere.  There is no sway because of the hardware that attaches the table to the trailer.  About the heaviest thing that goes on them is the propane stove.  I have another matching freestanding table built for my cooler.  It's lower so my short self can dig around in the bottom of the cooler.



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    This picture shows the additional shelf/storage space I have in my sleeping area.  I asked Little Guy to build these for me for a number of uses.  Primarily for a place to set a computer (I'm happy to watch movies etc directly on my laptop).  The drawer is deep enough to store the Mac, books etc. when it is closed.  There are no backs so wiring doesn't show and I don't have to disconnect when I travel.

    I noticed a question in another thread about where to put a heater.  I have a little ceramic heater that sits on one shelf while the laptop sits on the other.  These also serve as dinner trays when it's just too cold to be outside.

    Many of my ideas aren't new.  Just recycled  (possibly adapted a bit) from other posts that I have found here and elsewhere.  I ordered my LG based on what I have learned from all of you.  Thanks! 

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    Ahhh the license plate light.  Idaho is the land of the lawless.  No rules apply to us! Actually, I did the research and even the DMV said no need on a trailer.  So I finally just went with that.  There are a number of battery operated fixtures or one could snake power down from the interior hatch light.  I received the big plate (the only option) and it would have been destroyed even pulling the trailer out of the garage.

    My solution was to find a plastic license plate cover that looked nice but allowed some flexibility without distortion.  Also something that only required 4 screws that went through the plate.  A fair amount of searching before I found the right one.  You can buy the screw cover caps at auto part stores.  I did use some rubber washers behind the screws to avoid more distortion.  I used marine Butyl tape on the screws (I love this stuff because I don't worry about any leaks) and then a clear sealant around the perimeter of the plate before I attached it.  This will keep water and dirt from getting behind the plate and scratching up the surface.  The sealant can be rubbed off with a finger when the plate needs to be changed.  Which needs to happen soon because I have just moved to Washington DC which is definitely the land of the lawless but in a much more impactful way!

     Actually you will probably see my Silver Shadow up for sale here in the next few weeks  so new plates one way or another.

    Try this stuff if you are fearful of  drilling into your beloved trailer.  There is even a video to guide you through.

    As for things flying off on the Snake River...  I never took the Little Guy down there  but my truck has now seen better days.  The heater was destroyed (all of the rough terrain snapped something in there) but I love that place.  Supreme beauty.  I must have gone every other week just for a picnic.  Here in the Capitol it is a different kind of beauty :)  Okay, Enough out of me!!!
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    Kyet, Thank you for the great details. I will definitely use them.

    I wouldn't get rid of your Little Guy, at least not just yet. if you are a fan of history at all, there are a million places to go and see all within a days trip from where you are at. I've done everything from Gettysburg to Jamestown, and as far west as Nashville in a day trip from DC.

    I would also register everything in Virginia, If I remember right, it's cheaper there.


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    You can spend a lifetime just exploring all the river towns around the Chesapeake Bay. Don't sell the LG!
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    I'm only 90 miles from D.C.  Lots of fabulous camping around you. Va from the beach to the Blue Ridge, to the Alleganys,   And I know there are some wonderful spots in Maryland.  So lack of places to camp can't be the reason for selling your LG.   And if it is registered in VA, you can get a permanent license plate (full size if personalized) or a small plate.
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    This is why I love these threads!  Absolutely great detail and informative information that flows from each post and will be here to help people out in the future who at the moment don't even know they plan to purchase one of these beautiful little units!  I know that sounds a bit absurd, but think about all the people out there who will soon see these trailers out and about for the first time, fall in love with them and who will then venture to this site and find these great tips when they browse the site!  You KNOW I'm right! :D

    Now back to my original intent for posting this message.  I listen to the issues that people encounter and make it a point to share them with the factory as Little Guy does take note, listens to owners and does make changes/alterations to their units when word comes in from the field and via your valuable feedback.  So after listening to the license plate info (that the plastic mount has created issues for people) I knew I'd passed that comment on to Scott Hubble a while back and sent him an e-mail a few days ago and asked him if they'd made any changes as a result?  Hopefully this will help and make a difference for others....

    This is the message and information that Scott responded back with via e-mail once he was able to respond back to me:  

    I am waiting on Ed to see if there is more than what I am telling you below….I’ll update you if he corrects me.

    1.      We mothballed the plastic license plate holder

    2.      We began using a metal one

    3.      We mount it on the diamondplate of the trailer

    4.      We are using a nylon nut and bolt set so it will not rust 
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    imageimageimageThanks Kyet for the information on brackets and legs. I finished my tables the other day. They're shorter and wider then yours, and I mounted the one on the right at 29" high for eating, and the left at about 32" (above the water fill) for prep. My wife wanted retro formica tops, and I think they go well with the teardrop style.
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    Very nice John & Jill,

    Where did you get the table tops from? Did you make them?


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    Thanks John. I looked locally for old formica designs with no luck, so I bought an old kitchen table on Craig's List and cut it up. The edging trim I ordered from Vintage Trailer on the world wide web.
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