First step to moving my 6 wide by myself/ Addendum: Motorized Trailer Mover Fail

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On my way to modifying my 10 hp snowblower to move my very heavy 6 wide platform. I first needed a heavy duty set of wheels for the tongue so that not all the weight would sit on the snow blower housing. I purchased these 8 inch, 550 lb each capacity wheels, then welded up a swivel using an old bearing. The pipe goes over the tongue lift on the trailer and a bolt will hold it in place. The wheels are solid. pneumatic are a pain as you have to pump them up every time you turn around. 

My next step is to weld up a frame to bolt to the front of my snowblower with a 2" ball at the center of it. If it works I'll post it here at some point. The weather is beginning to cool off again. I put this together on a 60 degree day.


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    Cool! I can appreciate waiting for a warmer day. I was out working in the garden in 30 degree weather this morning. By the time I went inside, my fingers were in agony from the cold! Can't wait to see updates as you progress, Dan! :) Lisa
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    I bought one of these recently (on sale), but I haven't yet tried it. I have a Little Guy R/T (5 wide I guess)

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    Maple. I've got the same one and it hooks up just fine. It's just that my lg is HEAVY. It's partly my fault. First of all it's a 6 wide sport platform.. the one with the big 6x6 platform on the front. Then I've rebuilt the inside with oak and added a lot of stuff both inside, outside, and on the platform. Pushing it.. especially on the grass is a two to 3 person job.I have a vinyl garage that I keep it in and I need to pull it out by hand on the lawn then turn a corner around the garage onto the tarred driveway before I can connect it to the car. I don't know how much the trailer weighs but the tongue weight alone is about 400 lbs.
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    I bought one of these recently (on sale), but I haven't yet tried it. I have a Little Guy R/T (5 wide I guess)
    If you have a Harbor Freight close by it's $54.95 on sale.

    I bought one of these recently (on sale), but I haven't yet tried it. I have a Little Guy R/T (5 wide I guess)

    I bought one of these recently (on sale), but I haven't yet tried it. I have a Little Guy R/T (5 wide I guess)

    I bought one of these recently (on sale), but I haven't yet tried it. I have a Little Guy R/T (5 wide I guess)

    I bought one of these recently (on sale), but I haven't yet tried it. I have a Little Guy R/T (5 wide I guess)

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    Yes the harbor freight one is the one I currently have.
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         I have a trailer that is small but heavy. It needs to be moved into a vinyl carport/garage each year and pulled out each year. Now pulling it out isn’t that much of a problem as I can  hook the Tahoe up to it and just drive it out. But it’s behind my shop and when putting it back I have to turn a corner backing up and line it up straight with the narrow port opening. When putting it away in the fall I have to have people come and help me push it in.

        Last year i purchased a dolly that had a ball on it like the hitch on the car. It has a handle to push/pull the trailer. Unfortunately it lifted the tongue okay but pushing it still requires at least two other people depending on their creampuffyness.

        I thought.. when they move large planes around the tarmac they use low geared motorized vehicles and hook up to the front and move them. I thought again... I have a low geared motorized vehicle; my snowblower. Ten horses and slow moving knobby tires, and it’s geared down to be very powerful. 

        I welded up an angle iron frame and attached a small 2” ball on the middle of it. then I mounted it on the snowblowers front cowling. It was actually a fairly quick task. I thought, “If this works, i’ll paint it up and leave it there permanently”. I decided to try it first.

        It hooked up to the trailer easily. I started the blower and let it warm up a bit. I put it in reverse, low gear. I pressed down the actuator handle. The wheels turned slowly like they should. they turned more and more. Eventually I had dug two little holes in the ground under the wheels. The trailer hadn’t moved an inch. Sigh...... A great idea but only in my head. It reminded me when I was young and tried to make things like record players out of violin cases, dinner plates, and model T spark coils. Or parachutes out of loose weave blankets and wicker baskets. Or an artificial heart for a frog out of a squirt gun mechanism. Actually the artificial heart worked....for a while anyway. I wouldn’t try it on a human. Unless for course it was someone you didn’t like. Then again that’s for another blog entry.

    That’s my story. The failed trailer mover.

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    Dan, if its a traction thing get some tire chains for your snownblower. Mine has them and it makes all the difference in the world on the couple of feet of snow plow poop that the city leaves in my driveway. I just spin without them.
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    Could be norm, but i think it's a weight thing. Lots of mass on the trailer and too little on the blower.
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    Doggoneit, Dan!!!  I thought you were onto something!!!  So, where can you get a fork lift????  Keep trying, and I'll keep watching your post.

    After camping Easter weekend, and huffing and puffing to push the LG closer to the wall in the garage, I knew I needed to get one of those 2-wheeled dollies from Harbor Freight that you tried first.  I bought it this morning, assembled it, but had too many other things on the Verna-do list so I didn't have time to try it out.  I'll try it later in the week so I can see how I need to make the 1x2's (or whatever size) for the Tail Veil. 

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    You make me laugh out loud, Dan. "Creampuffyness" got me first. Then you were really on a roll at the end there. I think the idea is genius. I'm sorry it didn't work. I know it took several people to maneuver my 6x10 SS in gravel. Those suckers can be heavy. :) Lisa
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    Thanks Lisa, The stuff at the end actually happened. We had a garage with everything from model T parts to WWII tank transmitters. What an amazing collection of junk that was gold when you're a boy with a passion for building things. BTW... The FCC came to our house and confiscated the transmitter after I got it going and started sending messages out to... someplace. I guess they didn't arrest 10 yr. olds then. It seems that everyone's radio and TV in the area was full of static.
    I loved anything that flew, planes, balloons, whatever. I used to make parachutes out of cloth and weights and throw them in the air to watch them open and float to earth. When I was a six year old my dad came out and looked up one day and saw me standing in a tall whicker clothes basked on the edge of the roof, with rope tied to the handles and a loose weave blanket rolled up in my arms. He said, "What you doing?". I told him that I was about to hop off the roof and throw the blanket up in the air. He said that I would have to come down and wait until I was 12 yrs old to do that as it was against the law without a license. I was disappointed but decided to wait. Glad I did actually. I used to do lots of stuff like this. Some of it really weird that I shouldn't talk about. Like that 80 ft. antenna mast, weather balloon and thunderstorm thing.. best to forget that.
    The artificial heart did work in the frog. I was sad he died though. But it was all for science. Needless to say, I had some strange hobbies. Still do.
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    My son would love you, Dan.  Btw, ever see the movie Frankenweenie?  I saw the original 1984 version on VHS but Tim Burton recently remade it.  Your frog reminded me of it.
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    Yes Susie I have seen it. I had a lab in the cellar something like that when I was a kid. I was always blowing fuses.
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    Bwahahaha!  Now you're scaring me, Dan!  J/K.  My son drops thing from our balcony with homemade parachutes.  Last year I had to intervene to save the cat.  It might have worked, but it might not have!
    He's been pretty occupied with LEGOS lately.  That seems to be pretty safe so far but this morning he was looking for a place high enough to launch his rocket.
    He is all into space stuff.  We recently returned from visiting the Stennis Space Center in MS where the rockets are tested.  That was just more fuel for his fire.
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    I understand. I was a kid at the height of the space program. I had model rockets, plastic ones and those that launched. I had thick notebooks full of news clippings of nasa stuff. I had a neat telescope and spent evenings in the yard with that and a red flashlight. I was a nasa trivia machine. Drove people nuts. Loved it. Other kids built model cars. With me it was nasa, star trek, submarines, and planes.
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    Honda Power Equipment used to sell a "Power Carrier". It was basically a track driven motorized wheel barrow, built very stout with a rated carrying capacity of around 350 lbs. They were popular in Japan on dairy farms for carrying the heavy metal milk canisters and they were popular in this country for railroad and train maintenance for moving heavy parts around. We tested one out in the desert for a day in California by placing a large plastic tub used in shrimp farming, inside the rectangular bed. We then filled it to the top with sand which more than doubled its carrying capacity (over 700 lbs.). We then drove it around at various speeds, climbed hills with it and drove it sideways on slopes and measured the inclination to see at which point it might tip over. We were doing product liability studies. Basically, the thing was built like and acted like a tank. It would go up a sand dune at a 45 degree angle with 700 lbs of sand in it, (traction wasn't an issue) so I'm sure it would move your LG around no matter what. Unfortunately, they stopped selling them in the States many years ago because of poor demand, but you might find one somewhere and pick it up for a reasonable amount. I also think that Honda Canada continued to sell them long after American Honda dropped them. They also come in handy for a variety of other things.

    Note: Just did a Google search and there are lots of people still selling them apparently.
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    Thanks.. I think I'll use my nephew instead. Besides I think my LG maybe has a season or two left in it anyway.
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