My New Cargo Rack

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I've tried to wait until I was completely finished to post pics but I'm a little proud of myself so here it is.  I couldn't find a box to fit the front of my  4W Deluxe or even a rack.  So I built one.  I have a waterproof cargo bag that fits it.  I wanted the bottom out of mesh, diamond plate or aluminum but all were too expensive considering I had a leftover piece of plywood in the garage. I have some waterproof nylon to cover the plywood but at this point, I really don't want to take it apart, again.   I plan to put my cords, hoses, and small toolbox in it.  My (husband's) marine battery fits but I'm not sure I want that much weight on my tongue.  I may have to transport it inside. 

Sorry the pics are bad.  It was little shadowy from the garage light.


  • SusieQSusieQ Member Posts: 1,847
    I also have some U bolts to bolt on for tie downs. 
  • Lisa33Lisa33 Member Posts: 1,781 ✭✭✭✭
    Nice work! That will sure come in handy!
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    Great work, Susie!!!  Where there's a will, there's a way :D
  • LyndaLynda Member Posts: 397
    You go girl...that's awesome!
  • AmyJAmyJ Member Posts: 45
    I'm so impressed! Nice job.
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    Super. You know I like mods Sue.   Tell me did you weld or bolt it together? Looks like a very workable storage space. You said you had a cargo bag to fit on it. Is that like a duffle? That would be unique I think. You must have varnished both sides of the plywood. Any good spirit varnish would work. Spar varnish is what they use on boats and holds up a long time. Nice job!
  • binkkiebinkkie Member Posts: 62
    Looking good susie your doing a great job =D>
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    I like innovations as it beats paying someone to do it, especially if you are creative and have the tools to get it done!  One road trip will give it a good shake down too and hopefully it is secured like a vise to the tongue.  

    Speaking of road fixes, I hit something (possibly a park speed bump in the dark) and noticed that my under trailer tire carrier was bent over to one side.  Initially I thought a lug bolt had come loose, but they were both tight. I was dreading this problem as the spare tire was about 4 inches off the pavement and I had over 200 miles to travel here in Arizona.  I ended up dropping the front trailer tongue down down low to ground, deploying the rear stabilizers, jacking the trailer up as high as I could get it and placed a rock off to one side of the trailer spare rim and lowering the trailer weight down onto the rock.  That did the trick, bent the spare back into its stationary position and eliminated the need to shell out $$$ to the local RV repair shop in Spafford, AZ.  

    With the above process I also can say that by doing the above, one can easily change out a flat tire on the Little Guy as I had both tires off the ground.  

    Yeehaw!!!  \:D/
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    Dan, I used the slotted angle steel and bolted it since I can't weld.  I was aiming for cheap and now I wish I had made the sides a little taller but it still works.  I also bolted it to my frame with big U bolts to avoid drilling any more holes in my frame.  Plus, it's removable. 

    I haven't varnished it.   I may cover it with waterproof material.  I really don't want to take it apart. 

    And yes, the cargo bag is like a big duffle bag made for hitch cargo carriers.  I'll post pics when I get loaded.  I'm dying to hitch up.  My goal was to be hitched and ready yesterday but I have to take my car for an inspection sticker Monday.  Bah!

    Mike it's bolted down tight with two U bolts to the middle part of the frame.  I've considered adding another to the side V pieces but I don't think it's going anywhere.

    Amazing the creative fixes that you can come up with when in a desperate situation, Mike. 

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