Is everyone happy with their Little Guys?

I just wanted to get some feedback from all you Little Guy owners! I just started selling them this past week and I'd like to hear your feedback :) I think these trailers are AWESOME!


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    Pamela, I just purchased my 2nd one in just over a year.  From a 6 year old 4-wide to a 2 year old SS 5x10.  Obviously I love the brand name.  I've seen how LG stands behind their product, how they strive to answer questions, and I was impressed that Chris answered the phone the first time I called the factory. 

    While I was happy with my 4-wide, and there's nothing wrong with it, I fully intend to spend 3 months in FL in my new SS 5x10 in about 18 months.  I'm looking forward to travelling from State Park to State Park and enjoying the Florida warmth instead of freezing through another winter.  The 5x10 will definitely give me more room inside and in the galley. 


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    Got my guy 7 years ago been to italy france austria switserland belgium and england with my guy and still a happy camper 8-}
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    Just, 4/11/13, bought a used... like brand new condition .... 2012 Silver Shadow Limited Edition.. Needed to tweak a few things from a quality standpoint but overall so far so good. I think we are going to enjoy this little guy.

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    We bought a new 5x8 Silver Shadow in the spring of 2012 and have made a number of road trips with it - just recently came back from a 3600 mile treck from Northern Ontario Canada to Destin Florida.

    Our SS tows easily, is easy to setup and provides a very comfortable space for preparing meals and for sleeping.

    We absolutely love our SS.  My only regret is that my wife and I still work full time and not able to get out as often as we'd like...but, then again, it makes our road trips all that much more special. 

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      Pamela, You need to hook up to one of those and head over to Az. for the rally next week. There is still some sites avail. in the other campground loops at Dead Horse Ranch in Cottonwood. Just turn that LG into a rental when you get back home.

      I bought an older 6-wide that needed repairs. The Elkhart built LG's were pretty low quality as compared to the Ohio built ones. Mine had quite a bit of rot in the rear end, and that's on one that has always been in the desert of Az. I like mine a lot, and really don't have any plans to upgrade any time soon.

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    I'm in the same boat as ukrazy. I've got an older 2006 unit built in Elkhart Indiana before LG bought them out in Ohio. No one seems to have the issues we have with ours. I think you can get one with confidence. Just stay away from used 2005-2006 models. After that they seem to be okay.
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    I love mine, and it is a great combination with my FJ Crusier. :)>-
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    This is GREAT feedback!! Thank you all :) I love reading these stories of where you all have traveled or where you plan to go in your Little Guys!! I had a couple in my store looking at them today and since I haven't had a chance to use one yet, I am going based on what I'm reading in brochures. I'd like to combine these stories when selling them here and let them know how happy everyone is with theirs! ukrazy...I WISH I could take off for the weekend! I just moved 500 miles and started this job last week so there won't be much play time until summer is over! lol
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    PamelaJean, you ought to give this forum address to your potential customers. 
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    Will do smcdermott! That is a great idea :)
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    Pam What kind of services do you offer. I may need some wiring don
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    We are loving our LG R/T. Easy to tow, looks good, a lot more comfortable/warmer/dryer/convenient than a tent and I always get a kick from curious campers wanting to take a look at it and asking questions. No regret!
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    PamelaJean, you're working at NorCal Mastercraft, yes? I love these guys! The two Bills sold me a Silver Shadow and provided excellent customer support. Wish they sold [email protected] I would have bought mine from them in a heartbeat. Glad you have landed there. Tell everybody Cindy said "hi".
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    I love my little guy.   I live in NY and cannot wait to get it out of the garage when the weather changes but that has not stopped me.....I have already camped in it in the garage 3 times this year!    When I need a little away time from my hubby, instead of a den, I go to my Little guy, pop in a dvd and I'm on my way to paradise!!!   lol   Best investment I have made in a long time................Waiting for spring temps......
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