My galley light solution.

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I didn't like the dual florecent lights in the galley. Not enough light and what there was just hitting me in the face. I used an IKEA LED 12 volt strip wired into the same wires as the florecent wiring. Right now I'm using two battery powered LED goose neck lights just to see how the goose neck idea works. If I like them after a few trips I will hard wire them, or something like them, into the same wiring with their own switch. Plenty of light on the counter surface and nothing shining back into my face. Total cost $30.00 took about 45 minutes.


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    I like the goose neck lights and the LED 12 volt strip. Did you get the goose neck lights at IKEA also?
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    @ RSATC. Yes IKEA for the goose necks ones. They are only battery operated. I think they were about $4.00. I bought 6 of them to just scatter around the trailer as needed. If I end up going with a goose neck type of lamp, hardwired in, I will most likely look for a marine chart lamp that will throw a white or red light..  
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    Nice looking set-up!  I'm always interested in innovative lighting ideas and saw one at the western rally, actually two.  Clyde had a unique styled galley light and used an old 45 RPM record to make a lampshade.  he heated the record up, contoured it some and produced a very cool looking lamp shade.  He also used some wood and beveled it enough so that the light (on the middle of the galley door) shined down into the galley and there is no glare.  

    I also saw some galley/cabin strip lighting on a trailer from Phoenix that works off a remote control and can be dimmed or brightened.  If I receive information on that I will post it up.  

    PS - Clyde, if you read this post please share some photos of your light as it was worthwhile and brought out some envy from me.  
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    I definitely want different lights in the cabin.  I would like to be able to dim the lights, rather than to have them full brightness.  It doesn't have to be right away.  I'll look around.  Suggestions are welcome.
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