Question about pulling and carrying capacity for a 5 wide TDT

We have recently purchased a 5 wide teardrop trailer it has a hitch at the back for a bike rack and I would like to use the hitch to attach a wheelchair platform, to carry my power wheelchair.  The wheelchair weighs 300 lbs and the platform around 180lbs.
Could anyone tell me if the trailer frame could carry and pull this amount of weight. I've looked at the manual put nable to find anything.


  • binkkiebinkkie Member Posts: 62
    Ramesh. Thats about 220kilo grams i don't think your receiver can handle that much weight. and that much weight on the back off your trailer wil give you a negative tongeu weight (pressure on your hitch) so the trailer will start to sway. My advise don't!!!
  • Lisa33Lisa33 Member Posts: 1,781 ✭✭✭✭
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    I think I recall that the carrying capacity for the rear hitch receiver is 150 lbs. You would be significantly over. There may be a possible hitch configuration that might allow you to carry the wheelchair between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Or, you could trade it in and get a platform or Sport model with the platform on the trailer frame. I always like an excuse for shopping ;).
  • VernaVerna Member Posts: 3,855 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ramesh, if you don't have a tongue box, there is a possibility you can put your power chair on the platform on the front of the teardrop. You may need to have an experienced welder help you with some modifications, but it sure would be better than having all of that weight on the rear (which shouldn't be done, as Lisa noted).  You will need to check the towing capacity and tongue weight that your vehicle can tolerate.  That extra 480 lbs on the tongue is a lot of weight for a small vehicle.  
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    We have another member who uses a wheel chair and this topic is being evaluated by Little Guy.  I communicated last week with Little Guy World Wide and they are looking at available options so stay tuned as the Little Guy trailers are popular and for many, just the right height.  If I hear anything I will post it up in this discussion.  
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