Hey everyone! Has anyone used the 10 x 10 yet that goes off the side? I have a potential customer that wants to know how long they take to set up and if it's easy. Thanks!


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    Its definitely easier with 2 people, but some have done it by themselves by getting a head start on the height by first putting the tent over the trailer and inserting the poles. I had mine retrofitted with the current draw string door attachment set up. The suction cup dealie was useless and frustrating. Draw string retrofit is much much better. I wish they made one a little smaller than the 10x10
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    Hi Pamela,  

    As noted above the screen room goes up easier with two people and can be set up in about 10 minutes.  
    You basically set the tent out on the ground, assemble the two large roof poles (elastic bands in all poles make this task easy) and the corner poles, insert large poles across roof, then insert corner poles on each end as shown in the video.  Once the screen room is up you install the corner stakes and corner strings to tension the screen room for wind.  The new screen room has a collar and draw string that mates the tent to the Little Guy.  These screen rooms have privacy walls and it gives you another 10' of living space which is nice.  

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    It is easy to set up with two people but from my experience, it is quite difficult with one person.  Since it has a floor you are unable to drape it over the LG for help.  I did use tent stakes to stake down the opposite side from me and that did help.  However, if I am by myself, I leave it at home.  I also wish there was a smaller version that one person could set up.  I did speak to Pahaque and they are working on a small 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 one that attaches to the door. It will be over 6 ft tall.  I hope that it will be available this year!  :)
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    I did it alone, but it wasn't very easy. I sold my tent. Suggest the PahaQue Cottonwood XLT. They can put the fabric over the trailer and then insert the poles. Method has been tested by several on this forum. The XLT has two side awnings that can be up or down. Your customer could buy one or two side wall accessories to enclose it. My 2 cents! :) Lisa
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