Home build A.C. installation

kylekyle Member Posts: 3
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Heres the A.C. unit me and my dad built. it works very well.. and I have 150.00 bucks in it..


  • SusieQSusieQ Member Posts: 1,847
    I've been waiting for someone to do this.  Please give us more details and pics!
  • Lisa33Lisa33 Member Posts: 1,781 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm curious to see more, too! Nice job!
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Would like to see your photos in a bit larger format too if you have time.   

    Very cool!    
  • tom311tom311 Member Posts: 137
    after I bought climate right I know I can build one with minor fabrication to the front of window a/c unit.thats all they did and then mount the digital controls there.no difference other than the new front they put on an a/c you can buy anywhere.
  • tom311tom311 Member Posts: 137
    if you look at climate right all it is a register boot like you put in floor for your furnace to channel the ait to a 4 inch round connection.the register boot covers the top of a/c unit where the air comes out so your boot is something like a 2 by 14 boot to cover the air output and then a 4 inch tube to the air intake on a/c unit,there is nothing other than the air being forced into little guy from the a/c to produce the return air to the a/c unit.
  • tom311tom311 Member Posts: 137

    kyle I s see both tubes coming from the top,did you boot the exhaust to come to the top of store bought a/c unit?


  • kylekyle Member Posts: 3

    sorry for the delay in answers.. I just spent four days on the south llano river.. relaxing. tom there is no exhaust.. it just the ac blows in to both pipes..  i will take better pictures tomorrow with my camera that pic was taken with my cell.. i works very well. i just couldn't see giving that kind of money for an a.c. thanks lisa.. we done on one weekend.. it was pretty cheap..



  • tom311tom311 Member Posts: 137
    kyle,my only thought as to why one of my tubes on climate right just goes against the fins on a/c unit would be that it is what helps dehumidify.of course the other is the a/c supply.all I can figure is the second hose gets the air out of little guy by pressure in cabin from the feed hose to supply a small amount back to a/c unit.on a climate right.i had thought of a similar set up as yours but wasn't sure as to all a/c if it would add humidity?just a thought I had. and after seeing the climate right I know I could build theres.
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