New Silver Shadow COMPLETED!

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It obviously was asking a lot of Little Guy but I was able to sneak some preview shots in today via the factory and my friend Scott Hubble.   So this is obviously historical in that sense as Scott took a few photos for me a few minutes ago as my new Silver Shadow is now rolling down the Little Guy factory line and is being built as we speak!   I can only say that the adrenalin rush here is under way and am totally excited here in Michigan to have received these one of a kind and rare pics and get a bird's eye view of my new "Michigan Blue" colored silver shadow as it is being built today, October 30, 2013.  

Seriously, how freakin' cool is THAT!!!!!   Yeeehaw!!!!   


1.jpg 75.2K
2.jpg 69.2K
3.jpg 36.4K
4.JPG 52.1K


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    You da man, Mike!  I'll bet you're excited!  We'll have to christen it with a great bottle of wine! Congrats.
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    No doubt about that Greg!   Was thinking about you this morning as I was watching GMA.  They said something about wine prices going up via world-wide supply/demand issues.   

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    I saw that. Man, the world's falling apart!  Working part-time at a winery certainly helps with stocking my racks with fine wines.  Evidently, demand is on the decline because the younger people in Europe are drinking more beer instead of wine.  Oh well, I guess that means more for us; except for the fact that production is diminishing for that exact reason.
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    Hey, Mike!!  I love the converter being accessed inside the cabin.  Number one, it's not taking up the counter space, and number two, it's using some of the available room inside the A/C air plenum.  And your picture shows the air plenum is a bit different than what I "think" mine is.  But, I've never taken the small panel in the center of the wall off to see exactly how it works.  I just imagined the air plenum went from roof to outside bottom since there are two soffit type vents under the SS next to the drip tube (I don't know what else to call it??).

    The color is gorgeous, but would definitely look better as Crimsom and Crean......;)

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    As you can imagine and as anyone getting a new trailer would be, I am ecstatic!   I'd love to go down on Friday and pick it up but my back is giving me fits so I probably will not go down until Monday.   I'll have to call Little Guy and make arrangements and if the weather is decent I will spend the night somewhere down in them parts.  

    You are more familiar with the AC system than I am Verna so that is all new to me how these things are set-up.  What is the small access door for on the left side, below the AC unit?  
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    Very nice and congrats.  My SS is slated to be built early December. 

    Great reference images as well.  I've been wondering what the area behind the A/C unit looks like.
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    Mike, I do believe it's an access hole to be able to get to the fans that are in the air plenum, plus just access to get to the "stuff" between the cabin and the galley.  It measures out to be between 4" to 6" of space. The drip line has to come off of the bottom of the A/C unit, so it's probably visible from the access hole, too.  Come to think of it, the wiring from the rear of the converter should be visible in there, too. 

    After you get it, use a creeper to look at the underside.  I think that will give you a better idea of what I mean when I talk about the "soffit vents" and the "drip line" that are visible under it.  Please wait until your back feels better.

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    Will do!  I noticed that the converter was in the cabin area or accessible from that area which will be even better so far as space is concerned.   Those guys are really thinking through it and I prefer the converter location as opposed to beneath the cabinet, that will free up some space.  
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    Almost completed!

    4.JPG 60.7K
    3.jpg 57.2K
    2.jpg 35.9K
    1.jpg 36.6K
  • ukrazyukrazy Member Posts: 315
    Very nice Mike! When ya headed back out to Az. so I can see it in person?
  • SusieQSusieQ Member Posts: 1,847
    Hahaha!  He's not going to wait out the winter!  My money says he'll head south, Florida!!!
  • TomTom Member Posts: 292 ✭✭✭

    That's beautiful !!!!  Can't wait to see it.  When are you headed to FL.?


  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You KNOW I can't sit around here in the rust belt all winter ad listen to the paint drying on that new trailer!!!   As Verna said, I will head down to Florida in early January.  I will probably leave sometime after the first of the year.   And depending on what this crazy weather does I might head down to Arkansas before that as I have been wanting to visit an old work buddy down in Hot Springs for quite some time.  

    I will let you know Tom so keep that LG in the ready position and maybe we can check out the panhandle or points south if you are up to it.  

    I'm very excited up this way right now and can't wait to see the new trailer.  I probably won't be able to pick it up until Monday or Tuesday as my lower back has been giving me some problems this week.  But am feeling much better this evening.

  • fireflyfirefly Member Posts: 141
    Congratulations on the new trailer I'm curious I was just checking on a map were you lived in Michigan and was wondering if you ever go to the tearjerkers gathering they had one this summer that I went to. it was near where you live.
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    Thanks!  The last tearjerkers gathering I attended was last summer, up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  My daughter got married this past summer so my time was limited, but was able to make it down to the Ohio gathering and on to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a week's worth of travel.  

    Maybe next year?  ;)
  • MaryVanMaryVan Member Posts: 357 ✭✭✭
    That trailer looks great, Mike.  I love the blue sides (Go Blue!).  Be sure to post pics on your first outing!
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    Probably will be out in AZ some time in April or May if my plans stay intact.   Looking forward to seeing cactus, sun and blue skies again!   

    56.jpg 30.3K
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    My trailer rolled off the line this morning at 8 am.......  I will head down on Tuesday to pick up in Massillon.  

    Can't wait!


  • GregorioGregorio Member Posts: 1,933 ✭✭✭✭✭
    That's pretty sweet, Mike!  Guess you won't be having the issue of the missing license plate with this one.
  • VernaVerna Member Posts: 3,855 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Cool!!!  Mike, I like the license plate on the hatch.  It looks like it belongs there.  And, those new LED tail lights are long--you should be able to be seen.

    The electrical outlet under the platform will come in handy, I'm sure.

    So, do you have your campground picked out for next week?  I only found one in the area that was year-round, and I didn't try it out. 

  • tom311tom311 Member Posts: 137

    very nice should be pleased.


  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks gang!  I think it looks pretty sharp too and agree, the electrical outlet will come in handy and is something I've wanted for a while.  No more running cords all around the trailer.  I'm really surprised that they don't mount all the license plate brackets on the rear galley door as it solves the problem once and for all.  I also had them install the piano hinge on the under bed storage too.  

    And no, have not looked for a campground yet Verna but will be looking over the weekend.  I might go down on Monday night and stay one last night in the 5-wide so who knows?  I've got to clean it out this weekend and Monday will be a good day to fine tune things.  
  • SusieQSusieQ Member Posts: 1,847
    Looks great, Mike!  Is your license plate holder lighted? 
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    Mike, one more congratulations on your very beautiful and snazzy looking SS. HE's a handsome young TD!!! I'm happy for you! I know you'll enjoy many wonderful trips! I do hope your back is better. You don't want anything interfering with your fun in your silver-blue SS! B-) :\">
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    Looks great!! Very exciting :).
  • jmsepesyjmsepesy Member Posts: 154
    Very nice Mike. I wish you the best of luck with it.

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    I was wondering that too Susie, whether the license plate bracket was lit and it doesn't look that way.  I sent a note to Scott Hubble at the factory as I'm sure that will come back to bite me sometime down the road.   I just looked on-line too and there are a variety of lit frames available so all I will need is a 12 volt feed back to the license plate bracket.   It will be a lot easier to accomplish that now as opposed to me having to get it done back here in Michigan.  

  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Problem solved or shall I say, there was no problem?

    Scott sent me an e-mail back and said that the plate holder IS lit and that they have done this before.   I'm not in the build loop other than the info I can get from the factory when I ask them via e-mail.  But I would suspect that with our inquiries and customer feedback that these changes will automatically become part of their future builds as we have seen with other forum suggestions sent on to Sugar Creek.  That's a good thing and shows that they do listen!  
  • NetDepNetDep Member Posts: 125
    Mike -- CONGRATS!!! -- will spend time pouring over those photos but I LOVE the reading lamps and wish I had done something like that!! Should be a standard option -- if that makes sense!! Looking forward to more!!!! Enjoy!!!!
  • MaryVanMaryVan Member Posts: 357 ✭✭✭
    Looks great, Mike!  I am in the need for a new mount for my license plate - bent all to ++++  where currently mounted.  It was suggested that I get a small plate (motorcycle size), but I like the look of your mount.
    Have a safe trip to Massilon.
  • K9KampGirlK9KampGirl Member Posts: 84
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    Your new SS is beautiful!!!   I like how you left the back empty (no sink, stove).  My 5w is like that and I feel  it makes for a better storage area.  Plus, no need to worry about frozen or leaking water lines. I also love how you put the SS on an LG frame.  I would miss my platform if I didn't have it.   Great job and congrats!!!!  Have you sold your 5w yet?

  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I had some things done to my trailer that Little Guy agreed to do for me that really are not options offered in their trailers.   Joe Kicos said that he would build a trailer to my liking and reminded me that he doesn't do this for everyone, but that we were friends and he would make an exception this time.  When I posted up my prior trailer add-on's people were reading it out in California and dealers were getting calls for changes from their clients along the west coast.  So I want to make this perfectly clear, as it has created some issues and a stir at the factory and I can see the nuances therein.   It's not that Little Guy won't build you a custom trailer, but as you will note, some of the things I have added to my trailer are not offered "as options" on their Silver Shadow builds.  And yes, I obviously do feel fortunate to have been allowed to do what I have done with my new trailer.  

    The frame on my trailer had to be lengthened up front in order to add the rack on the front.   I jokingly told Scott Hubble that my trailer is technically now a 5 x 12 unit.  But he quickly noted that my trailer is still a 5 x 10 Silver Shadow as the cabin area and rear section have not been altered, but that the front frame was extended out more to accept the front rack.  

    I will ask Scott about the license plate holder too as that has been an issue with the Silver Shadows when people lose their license plates.  I had followed this issue for some time and there is a discussion or two on the forum where we discussed this issue and I know I had seen another teardrop trailer on the Internet with the license plate bracket located on the rear door hatch which to me is the way to go.   
  • Disney4FunDisney4Fun Member Posts: 41
    Very nice trailer, Mike! I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!!
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Can't wait to see it in person Linda!!!  :D
  • JustJohnJustJohn Member Posts: 106
    Mike, congrats on your new unit, it is one sharp SS . The wheel change looks good as well as the color scheme. I also like the larger rack which I'm guessing will allow you to mount a bigger tool box compared to the standard triangular box like I have. Enjoy my friend, John
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks John and I took your advice on the rear galley area too which now will provide more space!  The vent cover is here and I'll install it when I get the new trailer home.  I carry a lot of gear when I head out west or wherever and the tool box is something that has become a necessity for me.   

    Thanks again for the tips!
  • atippettsatippetts Member Posts: 144 ✭✭✭
    Nice build, Mike. You will love that SS!
  • ArizonaOneArizonaOne Member Posts: 19
    Congrats on your newborn!  It looks stunning in that Michigan blue.  And with all the nice "non-standard options" incorporated, you'll be one happy camper. . . ...literally speaking.
  • belvabelva Member Posts: 107
    Beautiful. Mike. So happy for you. Hope your back feels better soon. 
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thank you all!

    Back is still sore but I am working through it.  It's been a long day and I need to hit the hay and start again in the morning.   I'll drive down to Massillon in the morning and pick up blue at Little Guy World Wide.  I was going to spend a night down there but have decided to get my trailer, pay for it and just drive back home so it will be a long day tomorrow.   It'll be tough getting out of there as I know all the crew at LGWW, Joe, Chris, Dillon, Scott, etc.  And am sure that pack of Buckeyes will give this down trodden Wolverine the raspberry's tomorrow.  We sure did get spanked Saturday by MSU and I was foolish enough to fall into the trap and attend the game with my Sparty neighbor!  YIKES!!!   Oh well, there's always next year...  

    I will post up some photos when I get back.  It is suppose to rain on Wednesday so I figured it would be best to be back home and who knows, maybe I can camp out in the garage one night!  LOL :)


  • SusieQSusieQ Member Posts: 1,847
    Safe travels, Mike!  Looking forward to pics of you and Blue!
  • TravelGuyIndyTravelGuyIndy Member Posts: 83
    Very nice SS, Mike. My sister and her husband also got the extended frame so they could have a full sized rack on the front. They mounted a tool box like yours on the front ( they followed your post on tool boxes, as I did also) and the extra storage really comes in handy for them. They didn't get a stove or sink, and use the extra room for a microwave and ice chest. I have been following your post on the ARB refrigerator and look forward to seeing how it works in the new SS. I really enjoy all of the great ideas that you and the other members have that make my camping more enjoyable.  Have a great time in Florida!
  • LarryLarry Member Posts: 158


    Sweet Silver Shadow. Congratulations.

  • TearDropRadioTearDropRadio Member Posts: 123 ✭✭
    Mike, you owe it to your fans to be a guest SS co-host on an upcoming program to share your first meeting and impressions of your new home away from home and at home. We are all very excited for you. The color theme is very 'You' of course.

    A Voice for TearDropping
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    All I can say is that it was an amazing day today!   I never thought I'd be sentimental about this as it's actually difficult formulating my words as to just how I feel.   I'm referring to my 5-wide as there's no doubt about it, I have accumulated many memories in this trailer and to haul it down to Massillon, Ohio and hand it over to Joe Kicos was bitter sweet.  It's as if these little trailers are alive, become a part of you (which they do via your modifications and creature comforts) and almost have a soul of their own when you step back, reminisce about roads and trails traveled and that big chunk of life you have expended therein through the trailer.  It becomes a part of your heart and I don't take any of this for granted as this type of travel is (what a man once told me out in Redding, CA) "true freedom" and about as close to my Harley riding days (or that feeling I had) as they come because they afford and extend to you a virtual bridge to anywhere you want to travel here in the US and on the NA contient.  

    So with that said, it was like taking a child by the hand and passing her off to someone else to care for her. Many memories, many miles, many adventures, many sunsets, met so many great people and have always been able to laugh and look in awe across this great country of ours.  The good part is that someone else is going to take that trailer, make it a part of their life and no doubt enjoy it as much as I have!  That's a beautiful thought for sure as the happiness goes on! :D

    Some photos taken today, and yes there are more and an addition to this story as well.   My last shot of the 5-wide parked near the rest area off I-80 and I-77 south headed down to Massillon, Ohio today. The colors were still crisp under cloudy skies and a hint of rain. Mack was cozy and initially I played it like he wasn't going. He was looking out the front window of my home this morning and the last thing I did was ask him if he wanted to go bye-bye. He was so happy and had one of them Mickey Mouse smiles on his little face, it was so cute! And a shot of my 5-wide galley door and the stickers I collected along the way in my travels. Joe suggested I take a photo of them and frame it to save the memories. Great idea for sure! 



  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Thanks Marty and it makes me happy that what we've posted here on the forum has helped you and others out.  I give a lot of credit to some forum forefathers if you will like Clyde Ramstead (Time_Out) who has always been willing to work on things via the forum, provide input, ideas and craft something into a usable and valuable commodity.  This is how we all learn and is what makes this forum such a valuable commodity to people world wide because it is a collaboration of sorts, from many talented people who are not afraid to share their thoughts and ideas on-line.  Clyde was one of the first to share his tool box project and spurred me on as well.  Some folks don't like the looks of them, but it does avail a ton of extra space and your gear stays dry and is ready to go the next trip.  As a matter of fact my tool box will be ready for pickup tomorrow at Menard's.  My email notification came today and I really wasn't expecting it for another 2-3 weeks.   

    And Brooke, let me know and I will join you one weekend on your show.  The new trailer is amazing!  This thing is beautiful and so well built!  I will post up some additional photos tomorrow as I am sleepy after 10-11 hours on the road and my little buddy Mack is already asleep in his bed beside me......  Night all!  
  • CarolynCarolyn Member Posts: 17
    Congratulations Mike!  That is one beautiful trailer.  I hope to be making that trip to massillon on the 30th to pick up my new [email protected] CS.  The blue is beautiful but I, like Verna, am a little partial to the cream and crimson!
  • tiatotiato Member Posts: 16

    Congratulations.  Your trailer looks great. Post more images of your custom details when you can. I can totally understand the emotional pang of letting your old unit go. 

  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Member Posts: 8,776 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Thank you!   I don't mean to get so sentimental and ramble on but these trailers do grow on you and when you look back over the time spent, they do become a big part of your life and how you enjoy it all via travel and the closeness to nature they allow each of us.   

    I definitely plan to take some close-up shots and will post them to the forum as I had a long talk with the guys at Little Guy yesterday.  When I speak to Joe, Scott and the others I am echoing all of your sentiments, concerns and ideas for improvement and can tell you that they ARE listening and are adding things from the forum that have been suggested.  This is quite evident in my trailer too and I will discuss this soon here on the forum.  

    Thanks again for all the kind words and support from all of you as you obviously know I am a very happy camper!  
  • LadyArtistLadyArtist Member Posts: 437
    Mike, I enjoyed your story of "letting go". We do become attached to these adult toys of ours, and the memories they provide. Your BLUE is very special, I'm sure you're just itching to get him out on the road! Enjoy, my friend! You deserve it! Travel safely! May the wind be at your back and GOD be your copilot! O:-) [-O<
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