Converting 2013 SS for off-road use

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I was thinking of buying lifted axles (same torsion bar style, just lifted height) from the dealer and changing out the tires and fenders so convert my SS for off-road use; which is more of what I do anyway. Question for anyone out there is will the body hold up to light /medium 4x4 use? Or will it start to fall apart? I know I may have to reinforce the frame or I was thinking of having a new frame set up built.


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    I think that's a question for the factory.  Give Ed Kauffman call and ask him if he thinks the SS body will stand up to off road use with the lifted frame.  You can find his number under Contact Numbers.


    **edit to correct Ed's name...that's what I get for taking a short break during leave clean-up season  :-\"

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    I've got a 2010 SS previously owned by a hang glider enthusiast. I've noticed a few spots in the overhead where some of the staples, used to attach the wood ceiling to the support slats, are starting to work back out as well as a few places with the scribe moulding. I've only got the fan, two speakers, and the cabin lights up there but all connected to the same slats. I imagine a section of washboard road could really get the the fan to bounce ± ¼". Less weight in the ceiling would help the lid stay together while more weight would bounce more.
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    I wonder if I brace the side walls on the inside with bars screwed into them at the front, center and as far rearward as I can get. A nice bar though, powdercoated and everything. Might help with the side to side motion. Hhhmmmm. I'll also call the factory.
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    This guy (believe his name was Chris, from Nevada) had an articulating hitch and he managed to get his trailer into some very rough areas while we were out looking at mines and old mining towns.  


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