Little Guy World Wide Affiliates (Rewards Program)

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I spoke to Joe Kickos recently regarding new Little Guy trailers and the interest that these units generate among members of the public when owners travel around the US and abroad.   Joe agreed that there are many people who are interested in these trailers, and who better to share information about them and get the word out there than the very owners who use/own them and who travel the highways.  I know that we have discussed this topic many times in this forum and I was asked to share this information with you and hopefully allow owners to profit from it as well.   

So with that being said, Little Guy World Wide will issue out a $200.00 check to any Little Guy owner who helps sell a new Little Guy trailer or Silver Shadow unit for the Company or basically upon the successful culmination of a sale via the referral you have provided to Little Guy World Wide.   It is important that you give any potential new customer (referred to Little Guy) your name and address, etc. so that you can receive payment when a new unit is sold.  

I have attached a PDF file to the bottom of this discussion so that you can print out copies for sharing and informational purposes.   






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