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So we decided to join the teardrop community and have set our sights on a Little Guy Silver Shadow. We have researched on line and talked to a couple dealers. I noticed since joining this forum that there are many conversations regarding ordering and customizing your teardrop. I am wondering what the best way to order your teardrop is? Can you order directly from Little Guy? Do you get the best price that way? Or are you able to get a better deal through a dealer if you are not planning to many specialized customizations? I also wondered if there was a good site for used LG teardrops. Or due to the upgrades in the 2014 teardrops would you recommend going with a new one for beginners that are not as handy as many of you seem to be in adding customizations. Very impressive! Appreciate any insights.

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    Mike and Lynn are both correct.  You cannot buy direct from LGW but they can answer questions as well as a good dealer. We are familiar with a lot of different customizations so feel free to call us and ask us any questions you want. I love to talk about these wonderful teardrops we sell!

    Patsy Miller, Miller Trailer Sales, PA(near Philadelphia) 215-249-8327

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    And Patsy emailed back and forth with me a lot, I imagine we talked a dozen times and emailed several hundred times.  She was a great resource when we ordered our 6 x 10 Silver Shadow!
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    Patsy - I only wish you were closer to Illinois.  :- (

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    Thank you all for the input.  We found one in stock at a dealer in our general area that looks like a pretty good deal that we are looking into further.  The individual we are talking to seems to be knowledgeable and they are willing to work with us as far as adding the few items missing on the trailer that we wanted.  The idea that it is already available is enticing rather than having to wait 2+ months for it to be built if we can get close to what we want. 

    Which leads to another question...

    Are there certain options or customization that you would recommend only making from the factory and not adding or changing after it has been built?  For instance, we would like a toolbox on the tongue for storage which I am sure is not an issue to add after  we purchase.  However we would also like to move the battery from the tongue mount into the toolbox to enable us to lock it for security purposes which I am not sure about as it will involve the wiring.

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    Good for you as I know there are some good deals available out there at distributors around the country and have seen them myself......  And with inventory in hand, dealers can save a buyer a ton of time and you can eliminate the build time.  In as much as people believe that the factory would be slow right now, they have a full schedule, are running two trailer lines and this is actually the time that they are hopping, ramping up orders and building the orders from both their dealers and orders received via trailer shows around the country.  Not to mention that the popularity of both the Little Guy and [email protected] lines has skyrocketed and the demand for these units has increased dramatically over the past 4-5 years.  Their sales and production figures bear it out.  

    As for custom add-on's if it were me and knowing what I know now, I would definitely have the factory wire up my trailer for electrical, both 12 volt system and a 120 volt system.  The electrical end of these trailers is invaluable and I cannot say enough for the outstanding job that the factory workers do in this area as I was amazed at the 12 volt LED lighting, switches and how they embedded my electric converter into my new 2014 Silver Shadow.  The bottom line here is that I had previously wired up my prior two Little Guy trailers, but you cannot match what the factory does because everything is installed during the build and it's obviously the most opportune time to do so.

    The same applies to the stargazer window.  That would be something I would have installed during a new trailer build since the trailer is being assembled and the Amish craftsmen have installed thousands of these windows and are very adept at it too.  I am very satisfied with the components and work that was performed on my new Silver Shadow and who better to install these items then the people who build these units daily and are the pros at getting it done?   

    There are obviously other items like factory air that are easier during the construction phase, but with the ClimateRightAir units, air conditioning can be added in after a trailer is built.  Contact your Little Guy dealer as they can help you with an install for any unit needing A/C.  

    As far as the tool box is concerned and moving the battery, it can be done if you are knowledgeable and familiar with this type of work.  I have installed two diamond plate tool boxes and have posted information here on the forum, as others have done.  A quick search here on the forum will bring up this information if you are interested or need additional information.   
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