"Seating" inside my SS

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I haven't seen any discussion about any kind of seating inside the SS. We are new owners and realized that because of the curve above the headboard area, our heads hit the ceiling there is we try to sit upright for reading, watching a video, etc. It seems like I'll need some sort of folding "chair" that I can move out a few inches from the headboard. I was thinking one of those stadium type seats (like this photo) would work because they have no legs. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    There's always the WondaWedge that's available in the Little Guy Store. 

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    I just used several pillows stacked against the headboard storage. I'm surprised you find it uncomfortable in the 6x10. The 5x8 and all of the LGs put you immediately up against that curve since they don't have that head-end sliding storage. That is one big reason why I'd opt for the 10' SSs. The downside of the seats would be storage and needing to put them away somewhere after each use. I don't think,you'll want them inside the cabin once you are ready to roll over and go to sleep.
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    I use my screen room for reading and even the canopy when I am out west.  When I am in my cabin I can lay and read, but find that my lawn chairs are a better fit for me when I'm outside and in the fresh air.  I do the same thing as Lisa mentioned with pillows and that works well.  
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    I'm like Lisa--I just pile the pillows behind me.  Normally by the time I get into the SS, I'm so tired that I fall asleep rather quickly, so I don't have to worry about sitting up for long!!

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    A couple of pillows work for me as well. No problem reading or watching TV.
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    Seems like pillows are the consensus. Good to know...need get some extra pillows :)
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