Little Guy does it right and replaced my [email protected] that was built incorrectly.

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Excitement of 10 weeks of waiting for [email protected] quickly turned to disappointment when I opened the door of my unit at my local dealer. They didn't build it with the A/C unit! Just shelves where the unit should be. My dealer says they can get parts from LG and install when parts he here. I hope they can do the work right and make it look like a factory install. I drove it home and hope I didn't make a terrible mistake. Part of me wanted to not pay the balance or take it home until it was built right. I am trusting LG and my dealer A LOT here. Gonna call LG myself tomorrow and express my displeasure and desire to have his fixed ASAP. I live in AZ (95 degrees today) and need the AC. Nothing's ever easy in my life. Everything else is wonderful. I'll fix pics later. Sorry they are turned.


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    Always a bummer when it's not as ordered. I'm sure LG and the dealer will make it right. I really like the no galley galley. That is the way I would go too.
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    The open galley was the way to go for us. We tailgate at University of AZ football games so I always grill lots of messy food on the grill. I wouldn't want to mess up my trailer with grease smoke and stink. The stove top area on the [email protected] is too small for effective tailgating. Same goes for sink. I can make my own on a table and not have to mess with storage. I love the open space. I loaded it with electrical outlets as we'll both 12 volt and 120. I sure hope LG takes care of it. Part of my trust in them comes from this forum.
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    Just got off phone with Chris from LG. I have to return my [email protected] to dealer as they have to build me another one. They admit the error was theirs. Not gonna lie. Profound disappointment mixed with relief that he wants to ensure I get the quality product I ordered. Claims he may be able to have one done in 2-3 weeks if the production line has a similar model. I'm not optimistic that will happen. So much for Easter trip. Hope for Memorial Day. Nothing ever comes easy.
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    Call Ed Kauffman as he will be the go to guy. It sounds like your dealer dropped the ball on the initial order as the factory builds these units according to what they have received via the order sent.
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    Already called Ed who quickly deferred me to Chris from LG. LG dropped the ball not my local dealer. My invoice clearly states AC installed. Chris admits their mistake. My mistake was driving it home in the hopes my local dealer could install it later. Now waiting for dealer to talk to Chris regarding the return of my [email protected] and building of replacement. I need to get my final payment check back from dealer or I will hold this trailer hostage until new one is ready for me. Plus I have to deal with wife who is dancing the "told you so" dance regarding driving trailer home incomplete.
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    Seems to me that you should be free to use the current trailer until they deliver the correct one. I'd ask anyway.
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    I had a custom, hand built bicycle frame built for me. It was supposed to take 6 months to build, it took 18 months. When I picked the frame up the builder said, "When you're out riding it, you'll forget all about the wait." He was right. Every time I rode that bike it rode silky smooth and it is one of the nicest riding frames I've got. I think, once you're out tailgating or camping you'll forget about this rough patch.
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    Great news. Chris, the Chief Operating Officer of Little Guy was true to his word. My new, replacement [email protected] arrived at the dealer today and it has the A/C installed this time. Took less than three weeks. I swapped the trailers and left with the new one. He also, at my request, gave me a deep discount on an 80 watt Zamp solar charger for my troubles.

    I gotta say, Little Guy bent over backwards to right their mistake. We'll done Chris and Little Guy. New trailer looks great and has cup holders! It's not often these days to have a company value great customer service but they do. Lots more pics coming.
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    Here is a couple upright. Garage tailgating. No reason not to test out the cup holders either.
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    Lv4toys, do I need to turn the black switch on near the A/C plug when running the A/C? It seems to run a fan that might help exhaust hot air from the A/C.
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    Don't we all wish EVERY manufacturer had the same commitment to customer service as Little Guy?

    Though I have never had to deal with them, from what I have read here, they are top notch.



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    Congratulations!  I love your special order open galley - gives you some work space and a maximum amount of storage as well!  Out of curiosity, which dealer in Arizona were you using? 
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    Lv4toys, do I need to turn the black switch on near the A/C plug when running the A/C? It seems to run a fan that might help exhaust hot air from the A/C.
    Yes you should have it on as it does exactly what you say.  And congrats the Tag looks super!
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    Congrats!  Glad LG came through for you!
  • BigshowskipperBigshowskipper Posts: 85Member

    TexasLAS.  Tom's Camperland in Tempe was my dealer.  They did a good job.  I took a stack of business cards from him as I suspect I will get lots of questions while travelling and especially tailgating at my beloved University of Arizona. 

    I sat in the trailer today watching TV with the AC cranked as high as it would go.  I lasted 5 minutes without a blanket and only another 15 with a blanket before I "tapped out".  It was so cold my face hurt and I couldn't take it any more.

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    So...just to did take good care of your first [email protected] while holding it hostage for your correct one to come in, right? 'Cause I just called and put a deposit down on your old one!! :D We LOVE the set-up (especially all the outlets!) and wanted an external AC anyway so we can have heat as well with the new ClimateRight. Tom's Camperland will be holding it for us until Memorial Day weekend, which is the soonest we can come get it, since it will be a bit of a trek! They gave us an awesome deal since we'll be driving from Texas, too! Yay!!! <:-P
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    That is HILARIOUS.  It never left my garage because I was terrified I would wreck it.  Tell Zach he owes me a referral bonus.  You can thank this forum for the additional outlets.  More is more when it comes to outlets for sure.  Just to round out the add ons:  1.  drawer in galley (the old school coleman cooler fits perfectly in the space below (see pics above), you won't be able to open the lid, but it fits perfect.  I plan on pulling the drawer out for tailgates and times when frequent lid opening will occur).  2.  Second galley 120 and 12 volt.  3.  120 outlet on outside (driver side).  4.  Cable outlet (driver side)  5.  12 volt in headboard (this one may not be too usable as it is low to the mattress and could interfere with sleeping.  I may disconnect mine, fill the hole and mount it inside the headboard storage area) 6.  A charging station is also in the galley, but I can't claim that as an add on.  7.  I moved the battery box all the way forward to allow for a storage box of your choosing to be mounted on the grate (I think I'm going to get a 36 X 20 X 18 diamond plate box).  Not to brag and one up you, but my new one came with cupholders, don't hate.  Enjoy your [email protected]  (we are taking over the world).  You made my day with your story and I'm glad my misery worked out well for you.  Thanks for letting me know it will be going to a loving home.  Rob
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    Congrats to Rob and to TexasLAS--great deals!!!  I think the title of this discussion should be changed to FIXED!!!  It is really great how Little Guy makes things right. 
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    I have no idea how to do that, but if you provide direction I absolutely will.
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    Thanks, Rob.  If you're like me, you like to give credit where credit is due. 

    It really is easy.  Go to the first post in this discussion, look to the right of the title for the little "gear".  Click on it and select "Edit".  You'll be able to edit the title. 

    Thanks.....I keep looking at the title and thinking that it might give someone the impression that nothing was done by Little Guy, and I can tell how happy you are with the end result. 

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    What a great ending to this story.

    And yes, the fan switch next to the ac is to be turned on whenever the AC is on.

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    Haha - I thought you might like to know someone benefited from your pain! I'm not too worried about the cup holders - I'd probably just knock over my drink in the middle of the night anyway. Thanks for the run-down on the features! I think we're going to try to rig a set-up with the ClimateRight through the windows rather than cutting holes in our nice, shiny, new trailer. I'll have to do a search and see if anyone else has tried something like that. (And if we're ever camping close enough together, we should definitely get a picture of the Twins together.) :)
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    TexasLAS: time to change your signature to reflect your hunt is over!
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    Awwww....I LOVE a happy ending! And I'm ordering my brand spankin' new 2015 [email protected] tomorrow! YAY!!! Gonna be a long 8 weeks waiting on her...but I am pumped!  <:-P
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    Hey, Bigshowskipper!  I just realized that you said your dealer was in Tempe,, AZ.  That's where I've bought both of mine.  I really like these guys.  They have certainly treated me well.  I'm so glad they took such good care of you :)


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    I must say, I was a bit worried after reading about the rotting floor issues and a few other problems wjth these rigs, but I am very impressed with the way LG bends over to make their customers happy.  I know from many years of camping with different setups that this is not true for 99.9% of the other manufacturers of campers.  I am truely looking forward to getting our [email protected] Max this coming week and my mind is much more at ease.  LG, keep up the great customer service.  It is nice to see.  
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    I went on my first trip with my 2017 Tag max xl. Loved the easy set up and how it handled on the road. I had only one problem and wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. I hooked up my water hose using a water pressure regulator like they recommended. The water came out of the faucet just fine. About an hour later I noticed the side of my camper was dripping water the whole side of the camper, the same side as the sink. I shut the water supply off to avoid any damage with trailer. I called the manufacturer and they said to go back to the dealership to fix the problem.
    Has anyone run into this problem?
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    this reminds me of my recent experience when i bought my silvers shadow at Haydocy in ohio. I was there buying the same time another couple was picking up their new Rough Rider silver shadow, they were from Oregon of all places and bought it while passing though. They had ordered it and picked it up on the way back to OR. They had build it incorrectly with no AC, LG let them take the worng one and then agreed to deliver a correct unit to Oregon for them, i htouhg that was a great move!
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