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From the Offices of Little Guy Worldwide…


We wanted to take some time and address the subject matter of forum content.  We cherish each and everyone that has ever purchased a Little Guy, Silver Shadow, [email protected], etc…and have even greater appreciation for those that share and contribute in a myriad of different ways - one of those ways is by forming relationships on our boards. 


Due to recent issues, it is imperative that we come out with a firm stance on the content in our forums. It is our fundamental belief that we do two things well: build high quality trailers and offer world-class customer service. We realize that from time to time, we won’t turn out a “problem-free camper” or deliver “world-class customer service” - when you are the recipient of something like that, let us know! 

 It’s only when we are made aware of shortcomings that we can then properly address them.  It may be a one-time issue or something that is still on-going, but regardless, we want to know as we hold you all in very high esteem and value your feedback.


Therefore, we take a very open approach to our forum in efforts to:

  • Build camaraderie
  • Encourage the community
  • Foster a sense of trust
  • Identify latent defects in components
  • Discover workmanship issues
  • Improve factory processes
  • Upgrade components and implement user ideas
  • Continue building great campers that you love

What this means is that we are open to any and all relevant and appropriate topics. 

We have the utmost faith in our community to rally together to help each other out with tips, fixes, etc…. 

We also have extreme confidence in our back end customer service teams (whether it is factory or sales related) to turnany negative experience around.  Some times we drop the ball….please be patient and let us know. 

We also understand that some people are bound and determined to be upset about something. 

We want to help, so please accept it.


So here are some very loose and obvious rules, we’d like to adhere to:



RULE 1:  No Profanity.

Zero tolerance.

RULE 2: No Explicitly inappropriate comments

Zero tolerance.

RULE 3:  If you don’t want help, don’t complain.

We will help you and provide you a solution to your issues.

RULE 4:  Contact the appropriate individual(s).

Venting isn't asking for help.

RULE 5: No repeated, belligerent messages accompanied with a continual refusal of help.

Do not be a continual complainer, but feel free to comment on the experience/give updates.

The administrators have the right to manage the boards as they see fit, including deleting posts or banning individuals.  

That said, we envision that those scenarios would never occur.  Let us help you.

Life isn't all rainbows.  We get that…but we want everyone to be a happy camper!
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