Jensen TV... not turning on / Question.

scottwongscottwong Posts: 37Member
Got a newbie question and I hope it is something simple that I'm missing.

So.... this is the interior of our '15 [email protected] Max that we picked up and brought home yesterday.

I was tinkering around in the trailer last night and organizing things.  My wife was doing her thing in the gallery.  The Jensen bluetooth stereo works nicely.  I went to power on the TV and nothing happened.  I grabbed the remote control and tried powering it on via remote and nothing.  There is a little blue LED 'standby' light in the lower left hand corner of the unit that is lit so I'm under the assumption it is being powered.  If you zoom in on the photo closer, you may be able to see it.  Am I missing something here?  I turned on the bluetooth stereo just in case something was wired like a home A/V system where the TV is sometimes hooked into the A/V receiver and therefore, power is needed to the receiver in order to get power to the TV... but still nothing.  

I'm scratching my head with this one.



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