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I just recently purchased a 2006 Little Guy Deluxe. I understand this model was built by a previous manufacturer. It appears to be the current model labeled "Rascal" Two things I want to do is, Purchase the 10x10 screened room from Little Guy and the Weather Right ac/heater. When I spoke to a rep from the current manufacturer about the installation of the a/c, he gave, what seemed to be, good info.

I am new to this forum, so any input is appreciated. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. so if you're local please call 434-5800.


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    If you were to purchase the larger A/C unit it has the capacity to cool both the LG and screen room. This per the manufacturer when I talked to them a few months back.
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    Thank you Jerry101. My "Delux" has the same decal pattern as yours. Where do you live?
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    Outside San Antonio, TX Two of us now with the checkerboard look huh?
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    Should fit in with the Daytona Beach race crowd.
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    I saw that same pattern on an older trailer that was parked behind the factory...  Thought of you Jerry!   :D
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    I wish I had some photos that I could post today, however I will update this thread.  I struggled with the AC questions, and decided to come up with my own solution, which was modeled off of the climate right system. 

    1st I bought a window template for my LG RT

    2nd I bought a 5000 btu window ac unit

    3 I bought a remote on/off  indoor outdoor plug.

    A standard window AC unit has an intake an an exhaust.  I cut a hole in the top of the AC unit (exhaust) and mounted a flange, which could take a metal flex dryer vent. Then I sealed the front vents of the AC unit with RTV, and sheet metal.  I cut an additional hole in the intake area, and mounted another flange with a metal flex duct.  I took the window template, and mounted the same flanges on the template, and have a great AC system.  Now with that being said, I was only able to adjust the temp controls outside, so I ended up using that remote socket in case i wanted to turn the system off from inside.

    I really find that the fan system does a fantastic job since i camp mostly in new england, however the AC unit worked wonders when I had it in FL in July! If anyone has any questionsfeel free to email [email protected].  I realize this sounds very backyard mechanic style, but it looks like it was made for the application, and works well.   It was a fun little project, and was done for less then 100.00 since I got the AC unit off of craigs_list.

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    Good, I'm waiting for pictures.  I have a 5,000 BTU AC unit, and a remote control to turn it off, and I do realize I can't adjust the temp.

    I've only used it once and I just sat the AC unit on a heavy duty Rubbermaid-type container outside the door.  It took the temp down about 20*....from the 90's to the 70's, and that was just sending the air conditioned air through the screen in the door.  Not a permanent solution, and I'd love to see your solution.   

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    Mine fits right inside my window.  I removed the screen and replaced it with a screen that velcros so I remove it when using the a/c.  No problem reaching my controls.
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    Susie, what brand name of A/C do you have?  Mine is too wide to fit into my screen. 

    I've thought about making a 3/4" plywood door for the A/C.  It would allow the real door to stay in place, but have the plywood door so it is locked into place (for personal security and so the A/C unit won't fall).  I know I'll need the A/C unit next summer and I sure would like a more permanent solution, rather than just sitting on a milk carton outside of the door.


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    I'm with Verna,  If I'm headed out West next year, I'll bring a small AC and place it on a chair next to the door that we don't use and open window and turn it on. Break down just put AC and chair in SUV and hit the road.        Gary
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    I have a Frigidaire, $99 at Lowes. Used it for four weeks on the Gulf and it worked like a charm.

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    Thanks, Susie.  I will work on this after work tomorrow.  Measuring current one and if it doesn't work, I'll take some measurements at Lowe's.  THANKS--I like it!!
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    I travelled with a Frigidaire like Susie's only the remote control model so I could adjust temp without removing my screen (love that idea, though!). I was on the road for two plus months with it, moving every one or two nights. It was a huge PITA in those circumstances, but luckily I could get away without it the few times I needed it. I'm back to researching installable solutions, much to my disappointment. I love the window unit idea, but I just move around too much to be dealing with moving it twice every day or two. Just a word of feedback from me. Again, it all comes down to "it depends." :) Lisa
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    Susie -  I was looking at your little stand and "shim job" beneath the A/C unit.  Thinking back to what one of our members had posted up earlier (his solution to a canopy problem), I'm thinking that you could measure the thickness of the legs of your little stand, cut four pieces of plastic PVC pipe to size (to gain the additional height needed for the A/C unit to sit level) or the proper length, put caps over the ends of the PVC extension pieces and voila!  It would have to be a snug fit so that the table didn't wobble, but that might work to gain additional height and if there was a means of making an insert for the PVC that would match the size of the table legs to remove any slop or wobble you would be home free.  

    Or you could merely find the same thickness in wood for the leg extensions, drill some holes and bolt on some extensions to compensate for the desired height needed.   :D
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    I keep mine in a tub.  I have styrofoam fitted around it with foam that is duct taped to it and all I have to do is take it and set it in the window on the table.  The table folds flat and I have a couple of wood scraps under it to level it.  Yes, it is my fourth tub. But when I don't need it, I just leave it behind.  For an extended trip or a single trip, it's not a big deal, but I can see how it would get old with multiple overnight stays. And another note, I plug mine in inside my unit since it fits in the window and I have the screen off.  I know others use external extension cords.  Eventually, I'm going to install a dedicated socket just for my a/c.  I don't really  have any other mounting options since I have a 4W retro style.  There is no where to mount a unit outside and not enough room inside.

    Verna, if you decide to go this route, save the styrofoam that it is packed in.  It is the perfect size to cut out and make a hood around it for a nice seal around the window.

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