You get what you pay for. Thanks LG.

This post is really to say thanks to Ed and everyone at the factory. 

I took my SS back to the dealer for some warranty work, a less than stellar experience. Was not impressed with the customer service, communication or their time skills in getting my Gary looked at. 

Once the factory got involved it all changed (too much for the dealer to do). Excellent communication, friendly, and true to their word. Not only were all my issues rectified, I also got some mods done there. Had the stargazer window installed, the license plate moved to the galley door, and a charging center installed up by the head - so your phone is not tangled by your feet!

They kept their promise on when it would all be done and I took the opportunity to head out to Pleasant Valley to pick it up. 

The factory is impressive, their new models look exciting, and it was really eye opening - in a good way - to see a trailer being made. 

The drive there was enjoyable too, Frederick through Pittsburgh and onto Ohio. I would love to camp out there sometime. 

I was reflecting on how the customer experience was with LG / PVT and also Paha Que. Yes. Sometimes things don't always work the way they are intended to or things break. It's the way the issue is resolved that leaves a lasting impression. 

So thanks Ed. Jason at Paha Que and also REI (alcove tent issues) for looking after me.  

They may not be the cheapest, but you get a quality product and you are looked after well. 


  • MarthaMartha Posts: 122Member
    This is very good to know. Thanks for sharing your positive experience.
  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Posts: 8,776Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Good stuff Andy and thanks for sharing!   I've been busy and a bit inattentive to forum matters due to some home projects, but did forward this on to the factory as oft times people don't hear these stories about others experiences and it does mean a lot to the very people who build and take pride in these trailers and knowing that others appreciate their work and efforts therein.  
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