Uncomfortable Bed Solution

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Sorry if I am creating a new post. I really do do some searching and most post were for sheets and bed covers.

Anyway, I wanted to say I could no longer live with the bed in my [email protected] The factory one is terribly uncomfortable. I would wake up with numb spots where I was sleeping right on the wood below. Went to a 4" memory foam mattress and couldn't keep dealing with that after 6 months. I would wake up several times in the middle of the night and could turn on the my side as I was sunk down in a hole.

What I finally did was get a proper coil spring mattress that is custom sized from the folks at Love My Mattress. https://lovemymattress.com/collections/frontpage/products/one-sided-pocketed-coil

This is like sleeping on my bed at home and I have no more complaints. Should have done this a long time ago. Well worth the investment. I was amazed how it came rolled up tightly in the box and opened to it's proper shape. Anyway, if you cannot get comfortable it may be worth looking into.

If it helps i'm a bigger guy and I do not sink down into it at all. Slightly firm but very comfortable.


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    Went through the same thing.  I ordered a custom mattress in Sepetember 2014 and turned my memory foam into packing material.  As you say, just like sleeping at home.  When it came, I did not think it would ever unpack, but it did eventually reach its intended size.  
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    So did you get two 29" matress's side by side? or 1 single one?
  • hunter99hunter99 Member Posts: 406
    Bought one for now as my wife doesn't have an issue. Will buy another one shortly. Didn't want to buy 2 and find out that they were terrible.

    Ours unpacked instantly.
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    I added an additional 4 inches of memory foam topper and then added a matress pad which is secured at each corner with clips on the underside to keep it on.  Now it's a very comfortable bed!  I had the same issues with numbness and this works wellfor me.
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    I have to add that I LOVE the mattress that came with my LG.  We find it very comfortable and cozy.  This demonstrates that everyone has a personal experience. I just wish there was more vertical room for feet/shins under the charging area.
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    I do not consider my self as big, but heavy for sure, 285 lbs on a 5,10" frame, and so far, my 2017 [email protected] matress is great for me and my gf 135 lbs.  As good as any of our house mattress.  Even if I know that they are not as good in quality, they have been very good to us so far.
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    I found myself in the same situation. My back killed me after sleeping on the factory mattress. I also hate memory foam mattresses. So I bought a 3 inch memory foam topper and put it under the factory mattress. Much better. Probably should have gone with a 4 inch though.
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    Does a mattress topper make you sink in farther?  As it is, it's difficult to crawl around without sinking in and falling over to make the bed and move around.   I sleep rather well on the original mattress, however, so I'm not sure I want to add extra inches above the doorway if I'm going to sink in all the more.  I've never tried a topper on anything, so don't have a clue if I'd like one.
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    We purchased a memory form and put it on top of the other mattress ,it is very comfortable.  I trouble I have it making the bed is a pain in the butt!  I have a tag  and  hard to keep the sheets tucked in .
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    I run about 180 & Mrs. Outdoor is about 135. The factory mattress was fine by me, but her hips weren't comfortable,  so we added a 2" memory foam topper and now it's just right. Kinda like Goldilocks' bed.
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    We installed a FROLI Star boxspring set under our mattresses in our [email protected] Max XL and it is very comfortable. This is a plastic boxspring that is lightweight and the parts snap together to allow you to configure to your space. It is not cheap but it was worth the money. We can easily lift the wood covers under the bed to access the storage space. Here is a link if you are interested: https://froli-systems.myshopify.com/collections/star

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