How do you connect Jenson to Netflix

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  • glenn_cathyglenn_cathy Posts: 9Member
    How does everyone hook up their Jensen system to get Netflix while camping?
  • alexdalexd Posts: 134Member
    Apple lightning to HDMI adapter and plu it into my iPhone. Works well. 
  • andyandy Posts: 134Member
    I agree with AlexD. I also have a media router and connect that to my tv via iPad or iPhone. 
  • MahojinMahojin Posts: 96Member
    Same as above. iPad. HDMI movies etc and low power usage to. iPad 
  • LilCockabooseLilCockaboose Posts: 83Member ✭✭
    I found out that if you have some of the android phones (I have the Droid Turbo), you have to use the Miracast in order to show video from your phone on the TV. However, Netflix has a glitch - you get audio but no video! All others, such as Amazon, HBO, ESPN work fine, but the cost of streaming will suck your wallet dry! I've learned to either take videos or download Amazon videos onto my Kindle Fire (which attaches to the tv with a mini-HDMI cord), and save any streaming for news or a REALLY important football game! 
  • renatolsmarenatolsma Posts: 5Member
    Can I download video from Amazon Prime or Netflix on my iphone6 at home over wifi and then connect the iphone to the TV?  If so, what kind of connection do i need to buy?
  • gr8campngr8campn Posts: 17Member
    I found that if you get a Google Chromecast fob (Best Buy or Walmart), you can plug that into the HDMI port on the TV, and can power it by plugging the power USB port into the USB connection on the back/bottom of the TV.  May need to set it up using Google Home app near a WiFi connection at home first.

    Works great with YouTube TV as well.
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