Recommendations for a memory foam pad for the Tag XL?

stargazer48stargazer48 Posts: 2Member
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In the literature the bed is listed as 70X76, whereas a true king is 76X80.  Any recommendations on what size to buy?



  • YankeegrayYankeegray Posts: 4Member
    As recommended in another arrival I went with the standard size Serra four inch thick mat and trimmed it to size with a electric knife looks Blume a factory cut
  • stargazer48stargazer48 Posts: 2Member
    Thanks.  I bought 3 Paria sleeping bag pads on Amazon.  They measure 23X76, which should fit like a glove as the bed size is 70X76 and pads will fill in 69X76.  They are vinyl need to be inflated up to 4" thick depending on your comfort.  After your done they roll up to a 5" diameter 9" length.  Highly recommend some device to inflate them.
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    This has been a topic of discussion here on the forum many times and there is a wealth of information available if you use the search function.  
  • JoeAJoeA Posts: 16Member
    I bought 2 custom cut foam mattresses from
    and put them under the factory mattress. 2 " extra adds enough to keep me from bottoming out and isn't cumbersome. Can still get under the floor for storage. Much more comfortable!
    CC1            Mattress, Lux Foam - HQ (M)                    2        $57.33       $114.66
                   Dimensions: 2" x 34" x 75"
                                                         Shipping: Free Shipping:         $0.00
                                                                       Sales Tax:         $0.00
                                                                           Total:       $114.66
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    JoeA said:

    I bought 2 custom cut foam mattresses 
    CC1            Mattress, Lux Foam - HQ (M)            

    Any smell from yours?
    I think my foam off-gassed for months and must be illegal in 49 states! I want to try another, but not if it smells. I should have put a VOC meter next to my CO alarm. 
  • JoeAJoeA Posts: 16Member
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    I have a pretty sensible nose and there is no smell at all from the Lux foam we bought.
  • DesertsandDesertsand Posts: 6Member
    How has the Lux foam held up?
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