Silver Shadow roof vent upgrade

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Living in the great northwet I found camping during the off season can bring some moisture challenges to include the occasional wet sleeping bag from the failed tarp covering the roof vent that blows off in the middle of the night at Cape Disappointment WA.  I was also looking for a way to have the interior vented while traveling , the original fan/vent worked well but the lid could not travel open without eventual damage.

I had to find an answer so I started searching what I could find. I stumbled across an add for Maxxair / Maxxfan RV vents in RV Pro online newsletter.
I followed the link to and started researching. I decided the Maxxfan deluxe 6200 should fit my needs.

I contacted and ordered a smoked lid model.
I am so pleased with this purchase, not only does it work as advertised but it fit right into the existing factory roof hole.
I had to tape off the roof with blue painters tape then remove the old vent and remnants of caulking and silicone, the roof must be clean.
I then centered the roof receiving flange to the roof and secured with more blue tape then center punched the holes in the flange to the roof.

I then used my volt meter to locate the existing + lead of the original fan wiring. Assembly was easy, I used GE silicone II and followed the instructions found with the fan.

What a great improvement this made, the fan is super quiet on low, reversible and it has a thermostat!
The best part is when lowered it did not change the roof line of "Lumbago Manor" :)
I cant wait to get out there and try this...



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