Flexible Solar Panels

MittensMittens Posts: 15Member
Does Zamp make flexible rooftop panels that fit on a [email protected]? if our camper is solar ready, is it really as easy as just buying the panel and plugging it in?

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  • amarillodilleramarillodiller Posts: 21Member
    I had to remove my flexible panel on my 2018 Max.  Its been a problem since day one, and finally it died, didn't have time for a run to the dealer.   Whatever they use to adhere the panel to the roof, it is extremely difficult to remove the excess. 

    Does anyone know what solvent or whatever would help removal of the excess adhesive that LO uses?

    I'll write to the factory and ask my dealer as well.  Tried small amounts acetone and alcohol first on some of the sticks I used to pry it off, but no luck.  Might try paint thinner next.

  • MittensMittens Posts: 15Member
    That's interesting. When we looked into having the local RV place install the panel, they wanted over $1000 for doing it. Needless to say, my husband decided with a little research that he could do it. It was really scary to do, because of the idea of drilling a hole in our beloved camper. It worked out okay, though, and we just spent over a month and 6,000 miles on the road, and always had power. We loved that we were charging all the time as we headed down the road. 
  • lightningdonlightningdon Posts: 119Member ✭✭✭
    I installed a flexible panel on y 2017 [email protected] I used 3M red double sided tape to attache to the roof. Then sealed the edges except a couple 1 inch gaps along the back edge, with white silicone caulk. Looks clean and functions. Now if I could figure out why my controller doesn't want to cooperate!
  • amarillodilleramarillodiller Posts: 21Member
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    I'm thinking the 3M tape with some gaps for airflow is the way to go, as well.  Plus some strategically placed Eternabond tape.  Thanks!
  • MittensMittens Posts: 15Member
    My husband used eternabond tape, and caulk.That eternabond definitely sticks forever.  We found this guy's videos to be pretty helpful. 
  • amarillodilleramarillodiller Posts: 21Member
    Definitely watched that one, Tito is great.  I noticed he didn't leave an air gap on his installs.  I'll post some pics once I'm done.
  • lightningdonlightningdon Posts: 119Member ✭✭✭
     I would leave a couple air gaps along the bottom edge.
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    Question about the cable that runs to an existing 100 Watt factory installed solar panel on LGM - does this cable needs to be replaced with a large cable if I add another 100 watt panel or evenr 200 watts to the roof of my LGM? I realize I must change the controller out to 30-40 amps but if I can leave the existing cable in place that would be great. Also, what type of connections does the Zamp 100W flex panel use on the LGM (SAE or MC4)?

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