Third Brake Light

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2015 Deuce 5 wide.
I want to place a third brake light on the rear hatch.
How Can I fit the wires inside the hatch for the brake light?


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    I did a search on this site for "third brake light".  I dont know if any of that information will help you, but i saw some interesting conversation about it.

    I don't usually find the exact answer with a search, but sometimes I get enough of a clue to help figure it out.
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    I added an LED third brake light to our LG4.  The worst part was actually drilling the mounting and wiring holes.  Campers, like boats should have the minimum number of holes to keep the liquid out.  On the LG4 there is a steel frame to support the hatch skin.  I ran the wire inside some flexible black plastic conduit (from an auto parts store) and used black wire ties to take the wire up to the hinge area.  Then over to the right side of the interior and down to the rear where the actual brake light wiring is.  You have to remove the interior kick panel, only about eight screws to pull off the cardboard.  This reveals the area I always wonder what I could store something in.  I had to purchase an isolating box (Amazon about eight bucks) so the third light didn't blink when the turn-signals are on.
    I used an adjustable third light so I could adjust the angle to shine in the eyes of the guy trying to read the tire size on my rear spare tire.  I only give the entire project a "C" since I have to adjust the adjustable brake light every time I take the tarp off to go camping (hint:registration marks on the bracket and light body help).
    Best of luck with your project.  If your not improving it (for you), your just not enjoying it.
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    i found the high mount stop lamp from a taurus wagone to be shaped properly, but ulimately never drilled into my new camper
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