Does anyone know how to turn off the outside speakers on a 2019 Max?

nomadwisdomnomadwisdom Posts: 17Member
Yikes. I've been inadvertently playing music to the outside and didn't know it until today.


  • westcoastLGMwestcoastLGM Posts: 31Member
    IDK which Furrion system is in the 2019... but in ours, the large dial to the right has three zones.  Zone one is the inside, Zone two is the outside and Zone 3 doesn't do anything.  Just push the Zone 2 button, until the outside speakers go off. 
  • ArfArf Posts: 20Member
    On ours go to the zone settings, A is front, B is back and C is outside.  We just turn the "C" volume down to zero.
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