LGM 2019 sliding screen door

madohufmadohuf Posts: 9Member
The LGM 2019 apparently has sliding screen door. Can someone let me know how that works?


  • WildcatWildcat Posts: 649Member ✭✭✭
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    Maybe if you go to this link below and click on "Tour Video," it might help.  Wherever you purchased it, I would think they should have gone over it with you.  I know some dealers are not good about that.

    If you are outside and open the door, the screen door might pull out of the wall from the right side.  I saw a video showing a window in the door that has a screen.  So you should have both.

    There are also numerous  YouTube videos that might be helpful.  This one shows a lot, including the door and screen:

    This is a half-hour video, and this lady goes into everything, hope it helps.  The part showing the door and screens is close to the beginning.

  • ArfArf Posts: 20Member
    Discovered the hard way that the soft mesh screens are no match for a cat wanting to go exploring.  We bought sliding screens for all the windows and don't use the door screen unless we are right there to watch her.
  • truegryctruegryc Posts: 1Member
    Say @Arf, we expect to have the same problem - adopted a stray while on a hike with our Little Guy, and she's subsequently had kittens. Are the sliding screens you mention a factory replacement or a home made option? Have they been successful? I can't find anything on the Teardrop store.
  • ArfArf Posts: 20Member
    We got the first screen at a regular hardware store.  You would use it in a double hung window if you didn't have screens.  The rest we got on line.  The brand name is Fenestrelle and we got them from Amazon.  Google "portable window screens."  Good luck with the kitties.  We just don't pull down the factory screen until the portable is in place and then pull the factory one down a few inches to fill the gap.  If we have the door open we close the screen door and then put a portable across the bottom but we watch her so she doesn't jump over and between that and the factory one and wiggle out under it.
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