Condensation again

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I had a recent problem with condensation under the mattress for the first time.  I found this old discussion, so I'm not the only one.  Luckily, I had, for no particular reason, checked under there after the last trip to our damp coast.

One person suggested using a waterproof mattress pad.  I used to use one and will try it again.  The mattress was wet underneath on my side as well as the dog's side.  I had foam pad under the mattress for the first time, so that came out--I had run a dinky heater most of the night with top vent open.  

Another had a link to some stuff I'll try if the mattress pad doesn't work unless someone thinks it doesn't work.  I wonder, if no air can get under there will make it ineffective.

If all that fails, there is a lattice like stuff, but I hope it doesn't get that far.  I will update after experimenting. I'm only 30 miles from the coast, so the dampness here should be close to the same conditions, although it has warmed up a little.


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    In my search for preventing condensation under the mattress, I called Hypervent about their stuff and explained about the mattress being in a hole where no air could get to the hypervent material.  He said, I could run it up the sides to where it would get air.  However, it is about 3/4" thick, and there is really no room to have anything going up the sides.  And a person would end up sitting on it to get in the trailer. Gee, and I thought I had maybe found a solution.  Next, i try the waterproof mattress pad.
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