Has anyone modified/changed out the OEM TV wall mount on a Silver Shadow?

gr8campngr8campn Member Posts: 18
Folks, looking for some input here.  I own a 2015 LG Silver Shadow with the original Jensen TV and Stereo.  My issue is that the TV doesn't extend far enough for my preferences, and only goes as far as across the back passenger side, and the person on that side of the bed has troubles with the viewing angle.

Has anyone upgraded their TV wall mount to something that extends out a bit more, but still will fold back up against the wall and fit in the area between the door and the back cabinet?  If you found something that you liked and installed, would you please be kind enough to share a picture and a link to the website where you purchased it?  I have a computer monitor wall mount next to my computer that is similar, that extends approximately 27" from the wall that might fit, but I am concerned about the price.  RV TV wall mounts are averaging between like $12 - $35 or so dollars, but the computer monitor wall mount was $99.99 through Amazon.

Thank you for your help!
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