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I confess to being clueless about batteries. My Little Guy Silver Shadow’s marine deep cycle battery is no longer charging. The battery is 5 years old and I am in hot Texas. Assuming the battery needed replacement, I picked up a marine battery. The guy at Pep Boys pointed me to a Champion 12V Marine Battery. I replaced the battery and the 20 amp fuse at the battery. I took pictures of the hook up and re- attached all terminals as before. I plugged my Little Guy in and the converter is not making any noise when connected to power. Everything works when I’m plugged in. When the battery stopped charging, I noticed converter was not making noise (before replacing).

Could there be an issue if this is not a deep cycle battery? Perhaps I got the wrong battery? Advice?


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    You didn't mention the year of your Little Guy Silver Shadow in your post, so I'll at least let you know what the issue was that I had with my 2015 LG Silver Shadow along the same lines.

    I was having similar issues, we would be in the compartment sleeping and would hear the power center constantly cycling through.  The Norcold fridge would not stay cold, it would also be cycling, but not throwing any error messages (running off the 12V plug OEM install from factory.

    I, too, thought it was the battery (cheapest item to replace at that point when camping), so we purchased a new 12V Marine Deep Cycle battery from Advance Auto Parts.  I replaced the battery, and things ran fine for a bit when we got back (battery was fully charged when purchased from the store), but then later that night, the same issues started again.    I was also having issues with the A/C not cooling (took the A/C unit out of the camper, and it would cool just fine, put it back in the camper and it would run, but not getting cold).

    I contacted the campground, thinking it was their 30 AMP power supply on the pedestal, and asked them to check for me when I got home.  They had an electrician go to the site, and tested it, then they called me and said that nothing was wrong, the breaker was fine, and was working normally.

    Once I had some time, since we weren't going to be using the Silver Shadow any time soon, I contacted a couple of RV repair facilities that I have friends working at.  Both of them advised me that the majority of the times this happens, the power center (panel box inside the unit, on the wall between sleeping compartment and kitchen area) has probably bitten the dust, as the units generally last 4-5 years, then go kaput.  It may sound like it is working (fan going on and such), but it isn't putting out the power that it is supposed to be.  They both advised me to replace the unit.

    I searched and located a WFCO WF8725P Brown 25 Amps Power Center on Amazon that matched the power center that was in my Silver Shadow, and ordered it (I would give you a link to the unit, but that Amazon provider is no longer showing up and is a dead link to the product).  I removed the old one, and took pictures of how the wires and connections were hooked up, as although the units were the same, the wiring diagrams were a bit different.  Checked it out after installing, and everything was working, battery charging, etc. just fine.  No more issues with the battery going dead (other than the TV and stereo being on all the time and draining the battery, which is okay, as I like to drain the battery completely anyways and then give it a full charge).  Fridge and everything working just fine, no more cycling of the power center at night, either.  A/C unit now cooling as well.

    You might want to look at the manuals for the power center.  Here are links to the unit that I purchased:

    You may need to check the unit that you have in your Silver Shadow, and make sure you get the manuals that apply to your unit.

    Not knowing what unit you have, on my power center, there is a REVERSE BATTERY PROTECTION FUSE (see on Installation Manual PDF); it is possible that that fuse has blown.

    If you are handy with a voltmeter, you may want to check the power being sent to the battery from the power center to see if you get 12V charge.  If you are queasy about playing with the voltmeter, you may want to get an electrician to check for you.  You will probably need to be connected to shore power, or have shore power connection close-by, and do a check when plugged in, and disconnected, and check the fuse on the power center.

    Chances are, you probably aren't getting anything from the power center, and would be best to look at getting a replacement and installing that (or having it installed for you).

    Hope this helps!  And, keep me posted as to what you find out.

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    I disconnect at night from any pedestal power source (which is seldom). My 2015 SS inverter wants to sound off (fan) every time the Norcold starts sucking power. It’s just trying to cool itself. Old tech is that way. The batteries carry me over through the night to keep the Norcold operating. I reconnect in the morning and we’re off and running. Cheaper than replacement.
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