Creative uses for sewer hose storage tube

gydnewgydnew Posts: 40Member ✭✭
We bought a Rhino sewer hose so it, of course, does not fit in the provided storage tube. Has anyone re-purposed that tube for storing other items?   



  • danofdotdanofdot Posts: 10Member
    Hey Wendy - we simply cut ~11" off the hose to make it fit. So far, no negative repercussions; works as advertised and campground sewer connections have been easily reachable.
  • NccdeNccde Posts: 2Member
    I purchase and install expandable sewer an expandable sewer tube on the front of my LGM. It holds 20 ft and connections. I believe I can take a photo on my phone and send it if you like? Turned out real nice and everything is outside not in the storage area.
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