Mypod Wood Paneling

rfauncerfaunce Posts: 1Member
The wood paneling in the front of the Mypod that contains the doors, stereo, AC, etc. has come loose at the top as shown in the picture. It is still attached at the bottom. I am concerned that if hitting a bump, the entire panel may fall over. 

Looking thru the doors to the upper compartment, I can see no points of attachment of the panel to the upper body. Before I end up removing the speakers, AC and stereo to get a look, does anyone know how the paneling is attached to the body?


  • PkrmspecPkrmspec Posts: 115Member ✭✭
    I’d Do two things: contact factory service even though your probably out of warranty they should help with that kind of questions, phrase it as a safety concern, and get on the mypod FB forum to ask. Somebody will know.
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