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i’m confused about this connection thing. So the mypod has a Zamp connection but my renogy suitcase has something called Anderson connectors. I emailed renogy about a cable to connect to Zamp and they said “we sell mc4 to Zamp connector for that”. I wrote them back and said my renogy has Anderson connectors. No response.

so did renogy make models with Anderson and mc4 or what’s the deal? 

I want to extend my range away from camper so it appears I would need a Zamp to Anderson, NOT Zamp to mc4 or are they the same thing? The net pictures look different.


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    They are all different connectors:

    Anderson Power Pole (SB50). The SB50 is a large connector that has two connections + and - in one housing:

    MC4 (which most renogy panels have, but they are usually located right behind or within the panel enclosure -- if you have them, they probably connect to wires leading to the Anderson Power Pole conector). There is only one MC4 connector per physical wire:
    Grape Solar Grape Solar Cables Plastic Solar Panel Cable 

    SAE Zamp connector -- This is really an SAE connector, which is very common, cheap, and easy to find. People get confused because these are "gendered" connectors. See how, in the picture below, on plug has black wire on the metal (male) side, and the other has the black wire on the shrouded plastic (female) side? To connect into a zamp system, you want to have red or + connected to the shrouded side (F).
    Sea Dog Polarized Connector 2-Wire Plug and Socket

    So, it sounds like you need an Anderson Powerpole (SB50) to SAE connector, wired up for zamp (the exposed metal connection is -, the shrouded side is +). A quick amazon search turned up this:

    That looks right to me. There might be another, longer variety, or you could use a long SAE extension. Be aware that DC electricity efficiency goes down quickly as it goes through longer lengths of wire. Renogy has a calculator for the wire length and size: So, if you want a 100W panel on a 10 ft cable to be >2.5% efficient, you need a 14 AWG cable. For 20 feet, a 12 AWG cable. Factor in voltage losses and, well, just get the thickest, shortest cable you can. Sorry if this is too much, but the devil is in the details, and RV solar is woefully under-documented IMO.
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    No, not too long. That clears up a lot. I still find it odd that this particular renogy 100w suitcase has Anderson connectors....nothing that resembles the MC4. But it was new and never even used...still in original packaging. Oh well this answers my issues. Thanks again for your time.
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    Better late than never: I think they're avoiding MC4 because MC4 is intended to be permanent and, in fact, requires a special tool to disconnect them. Kinda defeats the point of a modular suitcase if you can't unplug the connector...
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    Hoo boy... I’m a very new MyPod owner and so... what is ‘Zamp connection’ and ‘renovation suitcase’? I have so much to learn! Thanks.
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