Oregon coast short trips this year

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We went up the coast again, camped at Nehalem State Park, and next on to a logging museum, then camped by a river, then over to an annual Norwegian elkhound picnic near Portland, Oregon. 

Then another day, we took backroads from home to a new campground which I was not impressed with and didn't stay, so we went on to Reedsport and past Florence to finish a hike that we started in January at the coast.

Here he is.  He makes me carry a backpack with cold water.  Had I known how steep the trail was, I might not have wanted to finish this hike.  He prefers trails like this to the ocean because it looks the same at home.  Sometimes coast campgrounds have a lot of brush for more privacy in the spaces.

I was certainly glad for my Five Wide trailer because getting through the loaded log trucks with trailer, narrow road, and many curves, was a challenge.

I have the Yakima Skinny Warrior roof basket now.  It may look strange because I got the extension, so it is as long as the ARB awning.  Maybe it looks more balanced?  It can carry my Clam 6x6 shelter and other things. The basket is not as heavy as the thing I had before, which is good.

It works better because I can reach everything without much trouble and still open the roof vent.

My dog child wouldn't know what to do with a bigger trailer, he's always ready to jump in and use my pillow, and my space keeps shrinking.

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