Mini Max Stove Not Starting - Help!

KhellwegKhellweg Posts: 5Member
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First trip out in our LG MM. So bummed because we can’t get the stove to light. Our gas tank reads half full and is on, the igniter works, tried lighting with a match. Nothing. Looks like gas is not getting to the stove. Any ideas?


  • gr8campngr8campn Posts: 17Member
    Did you smell the propane when doing what you tried previously?

    On most propane stoves, one would normally need to set the knob to light, then push in on the knob.  That’s what I need to do on our LG Silver Shadow camper, and other built in propane-type stoves.  Our stove does not have a piezoelectric igniter, so we need to use either matches, or one of those long-nosed butane lighters.

    Just be cautious when pushing in the knob to light it, you may get the odor of propane gas and it is heavier than air and will pool in the burner area if you push it in for too long without lighting it, and will ‘flash’ (ignite into a ball of flame).  If you’ve held it down a long time and it doesn’t light the burner, make sure you give it some time to be replaced by fresh air, then try again.

    Once you light the burner (after pushing the knob in), release the knob and turn to the desired flame height you need for cooking.

    See if that works!

    Hope that helps!
  • KhellwegKhellweg Posts: 5Member
    THANK YOU!!!  That did the trick.  We also had to bleed our gas lines first.  Wish that was included in the manual.  As you can tell I'm a total rookie:)
  • gr8campngr8campn Posts: 17Member

    Glad to have been of assistance!
  • NancyHudsonNancyHudson Posts: 3Member
    Nice tip! Thanks for posting guys.
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