Rsin water coming in Front Window

bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
I am unable to open my front window like I can all of my other windows during a rain storm.
 Initially I had a loose screw when the arm attached to the window frame so I fixed that. But I think there is so much water coming down the front of the LGM that it overpowers the  "gutter" system (if it exists at all) on this large window and I get water running inside the window.
Question  - does everyone have this probblem or is my window messed up in some way?


  • JeepCamperJeepCamper Posts: 57Member
    You might have a leak from the screw coming loose causing the arm to pulling the gasket loose.
    My Mini front window arm did have a loose screw in the window frame, that cause the gasket to pull loose creating a leak.  I use some flex seal tape near the point where the screw came loose until I could get that seal repaired at the dealer.  The dealer also put in a longer screw.

    I did this after I had the leak fix above. 
    No gutter over the window.  I order some  UW01004 Polar White 10' EZE RV Gutter on Amazon for my Mini.   I place that gutter over the front and back window.  A lot people think this can help prevent leaks.  I installed it to redirect the AC run off, and plus other people insist that will keep the window from leaking.  

    The Jury is still out if that will help or not.  It just made sense to redirect some of that water run off to me if you have the window vented.   I have not had any leaks and a lot heavy down pours while camping the last couple of times.  
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    Thanks so much Jeep Camper. By the way, I have a Jeep as well (Grand Cherokee). I will check into the gutter. There is so much water coming down from the roof in a storm and it has velocity. I think an improved gutter should work. I had to put a new longer screw in the mount as well, now the window works well (still really heavy and I think they should have positioned the point at which it connects to the frame much lower to provide a way to partially open this big heavy front window. As it is, it has to pretty much be fully up to stay in place. The guys that make the Tab have their support arms lower in the frame -  smart. Anyway I will check that gutter system out. Thanks!
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    When I went to Amazon  also saw this material which looks like just what the doctor ordered. I will let you know. B01CJRGX5M
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