How to remove drawer under Reefer

bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
I need to access the area where the Converter is under the drawer which is under the refrigerator install a MPPT Controller. How does that drawer get released ? I don't want to break the ball bearing channel on the slide mechanism. Does anyone know the secret to releasing this drawer?


  • TomDTomD Posts: 82Moderator mod
    Bobshroyer....what type of RV do you have? It would be helpful so others with your type of rig can offer suggestions. 
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    I have a 2019 Little Guy Max Rough Rider. Sorry, I thought I had listed that somewhere.
  • BigALBigAL Posts: 5Member
    not having the same unit you have but most drawer glides when fully extended will have a lever that must be moved up or down depending on the right or left side. this lever is on the glide that is attached on the drawer. if not a lever then a button, hope this helps 
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    OK will check. I did not see either but will look again. Thanks!
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    Guys - I cannot find any mechanism at all on this large drawer underneath the Reefer in the Little Guy Max. I am afraid to just pull it out because I do not want the slide to get messed up. has anyone ever removed that drawer to get to the rear of the converter. I am takin it into a RV repair facility tomorrow to have them install a new MPPT solar controller and panels and I would feel much better if I knew how to tell them to remove the drawer. They may know how to do it and they may not. So any more tips on removing that drawer? Thanks
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    The repair facility found a locking screw underneath the drawer and aid they could remove the drawer once the screw was removed.
  • bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
    Well I never saw where the repair facility said they had a locking screw under the drawer and I need to personally access this area now where the converter is. I can't be the only person who has ever wanted to pull the drawer out under the reefer. Someone must know how to do this. Any tips?
  • TammyMowryTammyMowry Posts: 6Member
    Yeah! That's right.
  • TexasLMaxTexasLMax Posts: 14Member
    I just did this in my 2018 LGM.  Pull the drawer out fully.  Look closely in the track for a black plastic little lever near the end.  There is one on both sides of the drawer.  Simultaneously push both levers upward carefully.  At this point you should be able to lift the drawer off the telescoping rails.  Putting this back is a little more tricky.  fully extend the rails.  Put the metal rails on the drawer on top of the slides.  The slides will move, so place the drawer as close to where it should be as possible.  Then slide the telescoping rails one at a time towards maximum extension until you here it click.  Do both sides and then the drawer should move back in place.  I have to look very closely on the slides for the black plastic switches.  They should be near the ends and embedded in the rail. Had to use a pretty good flashlight :-0  Hope that helps and hope they didn't change this on 2019s.  Let me know if this works.  If not I will go take a picture of mine to let you know what to look for. -Z-

    P.S. - there is no locking screw on my 2018.  Not sure what they are talking about.  
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