Permanent Inverter Install

bobshroyerbobshroyer Posts: 21Member
Has anyone installed an inverter or a combination inverter/converter in their Max? I am adding 200 more watts of solar on my roof and I have 2 - 200AH batteries already but what I need in order to complete the system is an inverter (and a battery monitor). Has anyone installed one? I am thinking it can go under the large drawer that is under the reefer. I am tryin g to stay away from a generator only because I do not want to carry extra fuel and I find that with energy efficient fans I don't really need A/C. 


  • sheepslinkysheepslinky Posts: 6Member
    Yes. My preference is to wire the inverter to separate inverter powered outlets, rather than use a transfer switch. A sub panel for moving over, adding, or modifying circuits is nice. It keeps things simple and upgrade-able. I'm going with flanged NEMA 5-15 outlets -- only need to drill a hole with a hole saw and it looks very neat and tidy. At this point I only have one.

    The existing LG max electrical system, shore battery charger, and the end of pretty much every wire in there is under that drawer, so, maybe. Gotta be careful about heat, safety, and disturbing all those splices and connections -- it's a busy spot. There's a lot to think about, and various variations depending on whether a dealer installed the original panel(s), etc.

    First thing I would do is get a kill-a-watt and measure the AC electricity you use with various stuff you use in your max. That'll give you an ideal wattage to size the system. Start sizing the inverter, cycles, etc, keeping in mind not to draw and recharge more quickly from your batteries than is healthy. ie. inverters draw a lot of current from 12V systems, and also introduce 5-10% inefficiency, so make sure you're really keeping your batteries happy.      
  • ValoValo Posts: 13Member
    I have a similar setup at home with 400va inverter & one 12V,100AH Battery, provided to half my home. I would like to make this a solar setup, I dont have much use in the day time, but at night I use about 250 VA for 7 hours, I would like to use this independently on solar, please suggest the required solar panels and components preferably with a connection diagram. I have about 7-8 hours peak sunlight. thank you
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