New LGM/RR Purchase

CrankCrank Posts: 15Member
Ready to buy new LGM, December timeline.  How many of you ordered vs buying off dealer lot ?  My concern, recent updates at factory, and the Max sitting on lot for some time.
I understand, 5 to 7 week wait on new order not a problem.  Comments appreciated. 


  • JeepCamperJeepCamper Posts: 57Member
    I would think the updates at the factory would be fixing know production quality issues.   A good dealer should have a list of items to fix before selling.   I would be interested if they make any engineering updates..  

    I would be concern about ones sitting on the lot for some time, the Sun likes to age sealants.  

    I would make sure the Dealer goes through and reseal/caulk everything before delivery.  The Silicone caulking is the one to watch for those wear out with Sun light.  If you can get them to redo the Silicone with ProFlex, it last longer.   The roof should be good with the Dicor Self Leveling that last a long time.   Also make sure the Dealer has done all bulletins.

    Some items to look for:  Make sure the back/front where the top meets the floor is well seal.  Also the Wheel wells.  

    Good water line Leak check:  Fill the fresh water tank then turn on the Pump.  The pump will pressurized the water lines then turn off.  If the pump turns on after their is pressure in the lines, you have a leak in the system somewhere.    Run Water in sink and look for Leaks underneath.    

    Download those bulletins / service reminders and go through them.  Head over to Facebook Group for Little Guy, the group can produce a list of things for you to inspect and watch out for.   

  • CrankCrank Posts: 15Member
    Thanks Jeep.  Will follow up, discuss with dealer.  Will probably order new.  I feel like this is same as buying a new car or truck. 
  • CrankCrank Posts: 15Member
    Jeep.  I was ready to purchase a LG Max/RR off a dealers lot.  Sitting there since 5/19.  It was fine, no issues.  To me, this is like buying a new car or pickup.  Dealer will source what you want, and trade with another dealer, happens all the time.  Not for me. Successfully ordered a new Max RR.  Silver on silver.  It is coming off production next week, already got the VIN.  Thanks for your comments Jeep, will do all that before I write the check.
  • JeepCamperJeepCamper Posts: 57Member
    Crank Did you order one with the cherry wood?  I saw some new features I like in the 2020 Max RR.  We are talking about upgrading to the Max from the Mini.  
  • TexasLMaxTexasLMax Posts: 20Member
    We purchased a "New", on the lot 2018 LGM RR.  It had been on the lot for a year or more.  Since this is Texas, it seems that most down here require a "House on wheels" rather than what essentially solves their travel requirements.  That being said, the dealer was more than interested in getting rid of the unit.  The 2018 we purchased was eventually $12K less than what current 2019's were selling for.  Before purchasing, the dealer agreed to bring the unit back up to "Showroom" condition, including repainting the frame and fixing numerous things we noticed that were in need of fixing.  Even though they did all this, there were still a number of things I did as a result of my OCD.  I would have done some of these even on a 2019, like re-caulking the shower, re-sealing trim and getting under the unit and making sure ALL floor holes were filled.  All worth the reduction in price and I got the Walnut wood to boot.  I haven't seen many newer models without the Maple wood on dealer lots.  One last comment.  We started out looking at the Mini and are extremely glad we went to the Max.  Purely because of the added space.  For the two of us, it made sense.  
    If you are still looking at buying a new, on the lot unit, my suggestion is to video tape the entire outside and inside for reference (probably not a bad idea for even a newer one).  This gives you a reference point to see if things are fixed, still an issue, or a new issue.  Came in extremely handy when we told the dealer they did not fix what we discussed.  
       Good luck and enjoy what ever direction you go, you will not be disappointed.  -Z-
  • CrankCrank Posts: 15Member
    Jeep.  No, just plain Jane.  Drove 256 miles one way to get it.  No dealers here, as one quit handling this item, and another 89 miles from here, is stopping RV sales, 12/31.  For warranty, that leaves Nashville,
    about 110 miles, straight run and not looking for problems.  Our LGMax/RR has solar, electric jack, Thule awning.  Hooked to the 4Runner, without an anti sway hitch, but will add that before our first trip in it.  The 4Runner handled it well, there was about 38 miles of mountain road, from Asheville, to Knoxville. Amazon has everything needed to equip it front to back, hitch may come from there also, Curt or Reese, there are others.  There are a few things to address, nothing major.

  • efrainefrain Posts: 3Member
    Here in Phoenix, the dealer didn't have one we wanted. I was going to order with a 6 week wait. Upon research, I found two LGMs 550 miles away in South Fork, CO with the rough rider package we wanted. We decided to drive up and basically choose a color. We purchased one on Saturday, drove across the highway and camped on the river bank, then towed it home the next day. It worked out perfectly.
    First time set up went smooth and the trip home gave me a good feel for towing in many conditions including mildly winding roads, long stretch of windy highway, up the mountain to Flagstaff and then down hill to Phoenix.
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