Travel to northwest coast states with dogs - salmon poisoning

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Something to remember to keep your dog safe, do not let them get hold of any fish in the northwest.  Salmon poisoning is deadly once they get sick from it, get to a veterinarian as soon as possible.  It's a horrible way to die.  It is worse in winter.  The streams go up and down with the rains, washing dead fish up.  The salmon will be spawning and dying mostly December and January, so it's worse then.  The beach is bad also.  Some dogs only get it once.  A few will get it every year.  Any dog who lives near a creek or river here will probably get it because the smell of dead fish is too tempting.  I grew up with dogs getting it; mine do not run loose.


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    OMG! Thanks for the great piece of information.
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    When I was a kid, our dogs did have access to the creek.  The folks knew immediately what the problem was, so they got help right away.  Interesting, I have talked to veterinarians who never heard of it until they moved here.  I live in the same place, so mine are fenced away from the creek.  People who dump their dogs in the country are condemning them to a horrid death.
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