Awning Ideas for LGMax

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New LGMax owner here guys.  I've been reading through a number of the posts and have found them VERY helpful already.  I'm looking for ideas on larger awnings for the LGMax.  We do have the manufacturer installed Thule Crown Awning, but as you know, it is a little small and it's only purpose is to cover the door and windows.  Has anyone found or designed a larger awning for the max?  I'm just thinking of purchasing a 12x12 4 pole canopy and putting it up.  Is that the best solution?  Appreciate the comments and ideas.
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    My current project is to make a tarp cover not only for the Lil Guy, but it could easily be extended to be a cover out either side.  It's a work in progress now, but it seems sound so far. 
    Using 1 inch PVC pipe and fittings and leaving enough room at top to open the top vent for air flow even when the wind and rain is blowing sideways. It's amazing what kind of cheap/strong/lightweight structures you can make with PVC pipe and a tarp.  So far, I've managed to attach the main members without any drilling by using bungee cords and tied to the LG handles in a big arc mostly following the shape of the LG.
    Will post pics when it's more finished and I can figure out how to transfer from my phone to this forum.............A week or so.
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