Adding Roof Racks to old Silver Shadow?

JonmcooperJonmcooper Posts: 1Member
I'd be very interested in any info on adding roof racks to a very early LG Silver Shadow.  I forget the year, early 2000s? (No roof window, minimal/rudimentary electrical) 

My concern is stressing the roof to sidewall joint. Intuition tells me the mount needs to be on the side panels with a tight/fixed rack width across the top so that the load will not produce flexure of the roof/side panel connections.  While I'd love to carry my kayaks, I suspect they'd need to be supported on a steel structure wrapping back down to the sub frame.  And I don't want to set it on fire welding to the sub-frame!    

And if anyone has stories of failures, those are always useful too!

Many thanks!


  • WildcatWildcat Posts: 649Member ✭✭✭
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    I don't know if it will help, but you might do a search on this site for "roof rack."  It brings up some posts.  I think the ones mounted on the sides are bolted on and will hold 300+ pounds.  The Yakima racks are mounted on top and do not take but about 125 pounds.  If you belong to the Silver Shadow group on Facebook,  there is info there also.
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