9 Small RV Camper Advantages

RandiRandi Posts: 30Member

Did I miss any benefits small campers offer RVers? Let me know!



  • WildcatWildcat Posts: 649Member ✭✭✭
    Big is relative.  That looks rather large.  Nice, though.
  • TomDTomD Posts: 88Moderator mod
    I have an SS 5x8. Small but not as small as the 4&5 wides. For me the bigger a rig the bigger the problems. More weight, more electrics to go wrong, more fuel sucking, more black grey water plumbing to go wrong, just to name a few. However, it is personal camping styles, finances, comfort needs, etc that determine whether bigger is better =)
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    Of your reasons, TomD,  mine are partly in the etc. you mention.  I like getting it in the garage.  If it was out, stuff would drip from my many trees and make a mess of it.  If it were not simple to use, I probably wouldn't.  I do like that it doesn't use gas.  I have a friend with 30 foot trailer and says he gets 7 miles to the gallon.  Seems like he better not get far from gas stations, and I do, as the Northwest has some far off places.  Some folks don't mind dealing with sewer, I guess, and sleeping with it.  However, it would be nice not to have to take along any tents, and be nice to stand up and sit up in winter rains.  I once had a regular, stand up, short trailer, but on a three or four day trip, I was out of water, both batteries ran down, black water tank full.  The heater didn't want to light.  I was cold, it was pouring rain.  I had to wash and rinse my hair with cold bottled water, it was slightly miserable.  Don't  laugh.  A for-real teardrop is ever so much better for me, no fridger, no television,  no air conditioner.  I've never determined what is a camper and what is a trailer--or what is a teardrop, nor what is big or what is small.  I've heard of teardrop trailers, but haven't heard of teardrop camper, so I guess it's whatever a person wants it to be, but I never know what people are talking about for sure.
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