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Hello, I just got a 2012 Little guy 6 wide. I need to carry a 215 lbs Trials bike on the front . How much weight can you put there and where could I get specs, capacities and general info about it. 


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    I'm no expert.  It depends a lot on your tow vehicle.  Is your battery and other stuff up there?  Your tow vehicle owner manual should say what it can handle.  My Xterra says my tongue weight can be 500 pounds.  I don't have 500 up there, but with battery, spare tire, cooler full of stuff, and a truck box with stuff in it, it's quite a bit, probably close to 300 if I remember right.  It handles it ok.  My trailer is Five Wide.  Having the water tank full towards the back may help some to offset the front weight if you have water tank.  One gallon of water is about eight pounds.

    Check your trailer weight also.  The Xterra says it can pull 5,000 pounds.  My off road trailer loaded is probably 1800 pounds or so total.  I wouldn't want to pull a 5,000 pound trailer even though it says so.

    I got an old scale blocked it up to the height of the hitch on the Xterra,  and lowered the trailer down upon the scale to see what the hitch weight would be.  It also depends a little on how much other stuff you have in the back of the trailer.  Once I weighed the things in the galley and was surprised at how much weight I had there.  But I wanted to know my hitch weight so I did the scale thing with everything on the trailer.

    You can also do a search on this forum if you'd like other information.  Type in hitch weight or tongue weight, and you could get more info.

    However, after all that, the old owners manual, says hitch weight should be between 10 and 20% of the total trailer weight.  Mine is heavier than that.  I think the owners manual is no longer online but I printed it off in 2015.
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    Another great another great search on this forum is “toung weight”. Very informative.
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