Tail light malfunction

ArfArf Posts: 20Member
2019 LGM.  My left tail light works as a tail light but not as a turn signal or hazard light.  One of the contacts on the 7 way plug was really ugly so I replaced the plug but to no avail.  I need ideas on where to start toubleshooting.  The car lights work normally and the right tail light also works normally.  I had to remove and reseal the left tail light several months ago due to a water leak into the basement but it worked after I put it back on.  Could the water have caused a partial failure but not immediately?  Not good driving without a turn signal, especially the left; also illegal.


  • John4287John4287 Posts: 7Member
    Do your 4 way flashers work or just the right side?
  • ArfArf Posts: 20Member
    Just the right side.  If the tail light wasn't LED I'd swear one of the filaments in a dual filament bulb was bad, but of course, it is an LED.
  • edahleedahle Posts: 1Member
    I have the MiniMax which should be similar. My right side blinker & brake light would not work yet the drivers side of the camper would. I couldn’t figure it out &took it to the dealer. Turned out to be a crimping problem in  the tail out wiring. They re-crimped it & has worked fine ever since. If you are not near a dealer perhaps you can contact Bob at Xtreme Warranty as he explained it to me about two years ago.
  • gumby_greengumby_green Posts: 16Member
    Well that is pretty new so you probably have a warranty issue.  If not, I suggest you think Grounding.  Every thing I have ever had from popups to LG to Jeeps (Oh Lord, everything has to have new ground wires on 40 year old Jeeps) seems to need the grounding looked after.
    The electricity will seek its own path if the the ground is broken or weak.  My first bet if I am on my own is to find the ground wire and run a temporary all the way back to the battery.  If everything works, it is the ground wire.  Just break it up into sections.  For instance the left may be grounded from the right light but broken or bad.  It is not brain surgery (smaller tools) but it makes my head hurt.
    And of course LEDs last 25,000 hours (except mine).  The tail lights I bought at Wally World are great, but I would not discount (no pun intended) the light unit itself being the problem, if the ground is good.
    Good time to be working on this.
    Happy Camping.
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