Use of Keder Rail - LG Mini Max

I just purchased a 2020 LG Mini Max. I also ordered a visor from TheTearDropShop, but I can't find any good information on installation and preparation of the Keder rail for use.  It appears that I need to remove the black rubber trim from the Keder rail before use.  Must all the rubber be removed or just a section where the visor will mount?  Any input would be very helpful.  Thank you in advance.


  • danielkuntzdanielkuntz Member Posts: 1
    I have the same question. I have purchased the Mini Max Tent and it is unclear whether or not one must first remove the rubber trim from the Keder rail. Anyone with experience on Keder rail use? Many thanks!
  • GroveratcGroveratc Administrator, Moderator Posts: 511 admin
    Not sure about the mini max since I don’t have one, but you need an open channel to thread the visor or other accessories into. If you are trying to install a rail system then you need to remove the section of rubber where you are going to mount the rail system. You want the rubber wherever the rail system is not at. Hopefully the photo helps a little. 
  • JeepinWTNJeepinWTN Member Posts: 6
    Yes the rubber strip needs to be removed from the Keder rail prior to install of your keder accessory.
    They work really great and a little coconut oil or whatever helps them to work/slip smoothly into place.  you do not have to reinstall the strip after your packing up just leave it out for next trip.

    We have the tent type awning and love it.
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