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It hasn’t been said yet.... so I thought I would chime in. Park closures and park services (State and Federal) availability has been severely effected by the current Covid19 situation across the nation. Be prepared when setting out to travel and be very aware of the LOCAL response to the Covid19. Everybody please keep safe and aware.  =)


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    I think where it’s going to get interesting is when you’re halfway through your trip and a destination state closes their parks!
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    I would think camping would be safe if folks stay out of restrooms and stay six feet or more away from others.  I mean, governors are saying things like stay away from groups of more than 25 or 10, etc.  I don't camp so I can party.  But they probably figure the more they close, the better.  
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    I’ve got state campgrounds in Alabama and Florida scheduled the start of April 5th and for a few weeks after
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    I understand many people are not coming to the west to camp. But if you are, this is what’s happening locally on the Central Coast and seven counties in the “Bay Area”.

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    Update... California State Park closures.
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    Some full-timers must have to move along to somewhere that isn't closed.  Most people where I've been aren't getting it.  They still try to get in your face.  Six feet away is a laugh, so it will keep spreading.  Every day, I expect to hear our campgrounds will be closed.  I went to a forest service campground to ask a question of the host.  The host was gone, so a government worker came over to me, not two feet away and coughed.  I guess a person needs to keep backing up.
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    here’s a pretty good strategy. Alabama governor has closed all public and private beaches but Alabama has not closed the state parks to camping. Now if all there activities are closed and you can’t get to the water? you’d think the campgrounds would close but...then they’d have to refund people’s money like Florida. This way you cancel or sit at your campsite and they keep your deposit...pretty shrewd..
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    For those thinking about Texas as a camping destination...... A message from Texas Parks and Rec.

    Texas State Parks to Close Public-Serving Facilities and Programs Starting at 12 p.m. March 19; Law Enforcement, Boat Registration Offices Close to Public Visitation

    After careful evaluation of the ongoing public health situation, Texas State Parks will be limiting park programming and closing public access to park headquarters, visitor centers and park stores starting at 12 p.m. Thursday, March 19.

    “Our main priority has always been the health and wellbeing of our visitors and staff, and in order to maintain this standard to the best of our abilities TPWD facilities will be modifying operations as a precautionary step towards protecting public health,” said Carter Smith, Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “While we have worked hard to provide access to state parks through much of Spring Break, we have now reached a point where changes are imperative for safety reasons. I am grateful to our State Parks team and volunteers for their valiant work during this exceedingly difficult time and thank our visitors for their patience and understanding as we continue to evaluate additional measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the parks.”

    As part of these operational changes, parks will be suspending all cash transactions where feasible. Visitors are encouraged to utilize the self-pay stations, the online reservation system and credit card transactions at this time. Other reduced services include the suspension of equipment rentals and interpretive programs.

    Park visitors should check the Texas State Parks Alert Map regularly for the latest information about the status of parks.

    In addition to the operational changes at Texas State Parks, TPWD law enforcement and boat registration offices, including the license and boat registration counter at TPWD’s Austin headquarters, will be closing to public visitation at 12 p.m., March 19. Texans needing to purchase hunting and fishing licensesboat and motor owner transfers, and boat registration renewals are encouraged to visit or call the department at (512) 389-4800.

    These changes will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. TPWD will continue to monitor the evolving health situation with local and state officials and will adjust operations at department sites and facilities as necessary. The public is encouraged to follow the department’s social media accounts and monitor its website for the most up to date information.

    Media Contact: TPWD News, Business Hours, 512-389-8030

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    This may be a waste, but when I commence camping in campgrounds again,  I'm going to make a sign about social distancing--if they can respect that.  People seem to barge into my space to talk and are not respecting anyone.  In the meantime, my dog child and I are camped at home with a lock on my gate!  My next coast reservations are in May only 40 miles away, and I haven't decided about trying sooner because a person needs to stop at gas stations, etc.  This, too, shall pass.  I'm hoping for a longer trip--someday.

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    Seacliff Beach State Park Campground, Santa Cruz County, California. Empty :bawling:
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    All public campgrounds are closed in Oregon, including state.  All the spring break people flocked to the coast until it was amazing.  The residents pitched a fit and don't want such a mess in towns, on beaches and trails, so they are supposed to stay home.  We will see how that works.
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    Missouri is closing it’s state parks to camping Friday for almost a month. I asked one of the store employees what they were going to do. She said “go back on unemployment which I just got off of before the season started” just sad for all of them.
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    Military Fam Camps have either closed or become restricted for the most part. Best advice would be to check ahead for the next little while and plan for last second changes if you do plan on going anywhere. 
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    Camping this year is going to be very sketchy ..if happening at all. Since no Federal/States are in agreement on protocol for “Parks, Camping, Etc.,” it’s really important to stay tuned with you local Health Authority and State/Fed Parks people to know what’s happening. 
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    Sketchy is a good word for it.  IF a person is self-contained and just traveling through to somewhere, some Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome hosts might let someone stay in a state that permits it.  Campgrounds, not so much.  I'm not in a position to do any of that.  It's easier and safer to stay home.

    I'm a host for Boondockers Welcome,  and it doesn't matter because people are supposed to stay home.

    I'm hoping some campgrounds will open up in a month or so if people will keep their distance.  That wasn't working before,  however.

    We are walking at home.
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