Virgin Water Sewer Plumbing since mfr_would it now be dried out

nomadwisdomnomadwisdom Member Posts: 27
I have a 2019 Max and the fresh-, grey-, and black-water tanks have never been used and remain empty. If I were to start using full hookups now, would everything still work okay, or do you think it's possible that connectors, etc. might have dried out? Thanks.



  • TomDTomD Moderator Posts: 101 mod
    Proofs in the pudding. An old persons comment. Run it all and see.🤔
  • nomadwisdomnomadwisdom Member Posts: 27
    I'm asking because I am trying to avoid creating leaks inside the trailer.
  • GroveratcGroveratc Administrator, Moderator Posts: 511 admin
    I would think that they should be good. I know people who have stored trailers long term with dry tanks and no issues. If they were way older or stored in direct sunlight for years it might be a different story. But I agree with Tom, you won’t know until you try. You could get 20 different opinions but until you try yours, you won’t know for sure. 
  • GregorioGregorio Member Posts: 1,933 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just run fresh water through them without actually having grey or black water. You wouldn't have to actually hook them up to dump tanks because there wouldn't be any waste to dispose of. Let the water run out onto the ground as if they were hooked up and check for leaks in your unit.  
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